Same Idea – 2 Price Points – Orange Dress

Same Idea - 2 Price Points - Orange Dress

Same Idea, Different Price Tag

Here is another example of creating a similar look, but with very different price points.  Both looks are elegant, professional and certainly appropriate for the work environment.

I don’t know about you, but just by looking, I wouldn’t be able to tell that one look costs much more than the other.  What are your thoughts?


My company has has a RIF (reduction-in-force) this week.  It has been pretty shocking and very sad.  The ones of us who remain are asked to pick up the pieces and get the work done, with less people.  Some of us were given additional responsibilities.  If you have been in a similar situation, let me tell you that the best way to handle it is to “accept” and move forward.  Don’t complain, don’t stop working, just say to yourself, “It is what it is,” and I will continue to do my very best -the quality of my work is not dependent on outside sources. 

Have a lovely weekend! 

Fondly, Sonya


Same Idea – 2 Price Points – Gray Pants

Same Idea - 2 Price Points - Gray Pants

Two Price Points

Let’s face it, the amount of money a teacher can spend on clothes is less than what an executive has available to spend.  Therefore, the items these two women purchase will most likely be very different.

However, just because the pieces of clothing will be different, it doesn’t mean that the overall “look” has to be significantly different, right?

Shown above is a very similar look, but with a very different overall price tag.

Where to Wear?

Let’s just keep it simple, today.  Wear these looks to work.

Investment Pieces

Pants, shoes, purses, watches, and pearl earings.  I can see you wearing these pieces over and over again.  Can’t you?


It’s Monday morning.  However, that is perfectly fine with you because you are ready for the week.  This past weekend, you did laundry, you chose your outfits for this week, you planned your lunches and dinners, and you got that manicure and pedicure that has been on your to-do-list for three weeks.  (Wow, that’s so weird, that’s been on my list, too).

A bit too ambitious?  Well, let’s say that you only did one of these things.  That’s alright, because every little bit helps.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to prepare for the week ahead.  It does not really matter whether you are an executive at a large corporation or an elementary school teacher.  Preparation is equally important to all of us.

Let’s take on this week and show it what we are made of…determination, courage, excellence, and perseverance.   Yes, you are made of all those things, plus more!!

Thanks for stopping by and have an amazing week. 

Fondly, Sonya

Orange Blazer at Work

Orange Blazer at Work


Orange and blue work great together.  For this look, we are sticking with our neutrals as the base, in this case, shades of blue, and adding a bright orange blazer.

This blazer is very versatile and works with other colors, too, like brown, white, cream and probably even black (that may be a bit too Halloweenish).

Are you liking the shades of blue with the blazer?

Where to Wear?

To the office and all other conservative events and venues.

Investment Pieces

The blazer, if orange is one of your colors, would work as an investment piece.  The skirt, shoes, purse and jewelry would be an investment as well.  We can all decide on the blouse, individually.


I have been wanting an orange blazer for a long time but have been unable to find one that is the perfect shade and style.  I will continue my search.  Let me know if y’all see one that would be perfect and I will do the same for you.  Helping each other is what friends do!!

Have a great day, today. 

Fondly, Sonya

Monday (or Tuesday) to Friday

Monday to Friday

One Blazer Two Looks

A blazer is such a great investment piece and works beautifully with a pencil skirt for work.  But, don’t stop there, try the same blazer (with a different neutral color this time) with a pair of jeans for a more casual Friday look.  You can wear the same jewelry both days.  Unless you do not want to, in that case, don’t.

The color of this blazer is so beautiful – it has just the right amounts of red and blue.  A perfect color formula, don’t you think?

Where to Wear?

Work, and work, of course.  I would even say you could wear the outfit on the left to a job interview.  Why not, right?  The outfit on the right is obviously more casual and can be worn to the movies, to a more casual dinner, to drinks with friends, and so on.

Investment Pieces

Assuming you look terrific in purple and this perfect shade coordinates with the other colors of your wardrobe, I would say that every piece in these two outfits can be an investment piece.


I know it is Tuesday and not Monday.  I wanted to post this outfit yesterday but struggled with some technical stuff.  Don’t y’all hate technical issues?  I certainly do.

Today at work, the budget committee sent an email requesting that we load an update to the budgeting software.  I struggled and finally had to get assistance from out IT people.  It took our IT guy about 3 minutes to get the job done.  I, on the other hand, had already struggled with it for about 30 minutes.  My thought…why not just have all of our new software updates done by the IT department?  Isn’t that more efficient and a better use of everyone’s time?

I bet if I was wearing the blazer above, today, I would have been the one to load my new update in three minutes.  Heck, I may have been able to do it in two…because I think this purple blazer probably possesses those type of powers.

Happy Tuesday / Monday (again), everyone.

Ruffles at Work

Ruffles at Work


More ruffles, today.  This time around, ruffles on a skirt.  Are you a fan?

Ruffles are so feminine, even as styled above with a blazer and pumps.  Wouldn’t this be a fun skirt to wear?

Where to Wear?

Wear this type of outfit to work, to Sunday brunch, to dinner, to a wedding shower, to the theater, on Mother’s Day, Easter brunch, etc.  It’s a classic, conservative outfit and can be worn to many, many events and occasions.

Investment Pieces

All of these pieces in this outfit could be investment pieces.  Those earings are beautiful, I want them.  I have a pair of pumps from Ann Taylor that are a similar color to the ones above and I have worn them and have loved them for many years.  They are a great color and a timeless look.


Easter is really early this year.  It’s going to be here before you know it.  Do y’all buy a new dress for Easter each year?

When I was growing up, one of the things I loved about Easter was that my sister and I would get a new dress.  Growing up, we didn’t have many clothes, so that new dress at Easter time was a great treat.

Maybe I’ll buy a new dress or maybe this lovely ruffled skirt for Easter this year.  Even as an adult, getting new clothes still makes me feel happy.

Have a wonderful day, my friends.

Stripes at Work

Stripes at Work


What’s not to love about stripes, right?  Because Paris fashion week is still going on, let’s talk stripes this week.  Do you wear them?  How do you wear them?  Do you think the horizontal ones make you look larger than you are?

Where to Wear?

Obviously, this is a work outfit, so wear it to that conservative office.  In addition, this can be worn to brunch, to church, to your daughter’s piano recital (you know…the ones where you have to gently elbow your husband to wake him up.)

Also, take off the blazer and wear it on a dinner date.  There are many places that this type of outfit can be worn.  It is pretty conservative, thus the options are extensive.

Investment Pieces

With the exception of that pom-pom on the purse, every item in this outfit is an investment piece.  All of the pieces can be mixed with other items in your closet to create a wide range of outfits.


I think I’ll use that striped top, again, this week and show you how versatile it can be. 

As I look at this outfit, I realize that I need more stripes in my work wardrobe.  How about y’all, do you wear a lot of stripes? 

French women wear stripes often, and they are considered quite fashionable.  Non-French ladies, let’s add more stripes to our wardrobes, why don’t we?

Although I am not at my office this week, I am thinking about all of you who are working.  Happy Tuesday my friends!!

Work Week – Lace and Tomato

Work Week - Lace and Tomato


According to my new Nordstrom’s catalog, tomato is a hot color for Fall, 2015.  In fact all hues from the seventies are “hot” for fall.  I’m glad, actually, because I love all of the seventies colors – I just don’t care to wear all of them together in one outfit.  That style is a bit too bold for my taste – however, when worn by the right individual, it looks chic and confident.

What do y’all think of the seventies colors?

Lace at Work

Lace is so feminine and classy.  I love lace and try to find ways to wear it to the office.  In this outfit, the tomato blazer takes some of the focus away from the lace skirt and makes the entire outfit appear conservative and work appropriate.  Of course, if you work in a less formal office, wear lace any way you like.

Where to Wear

Obviously, this is a great outfit for work.  It can also be worn to church, brunch, dinner, the theater, symphony, and any number of occasions.  The pencil skirt, blazer and pumps formula works pretty well in most social settings, don’t you think?

Thanks for stopping by darlings!!