Style Diary – Hoodies

Hoodies in the Rain


What’s not to love about hoodies.  They are soft, warm and comfortable.  And this season, it looks like we can pretty much throw one on over whatever we are wearing and look “fashionable”.  To that I say…heck, yes.

Where to Wear?

If you throw on a hoodie over a skirt, as shown above, then wear it wherever you’d like.  Well, almost wherever.  I probably would not wear a hoodie to work, church, a wedding, or any other formal occasion.  But, for all your casual events, why not?

Investment Pieces

That skirt is so cute, I am adding it in the investment pieces.  The shoes, watch, and of course that gorgeous umbrella. (yes, umbrellas can be gorgeous and an investment piece).


It’s Friday.  You made it through the week.  Good for you.  I have to ask, did you pick out your outfits for the week?  If so, how did it work out for you? 

This weekend, if it is cool where you live, throw on that hoodie, lay back, and  relax.  You deserve it.  You’ve worked hard this week.  I am proud of you and your amazing work ethic.  Nice job, my friends. 

Thanks for stopping by. 

Fondly, Sonya




Lounge Around

Lounge Around


Today’s look is all about comfort.  What do you wear when you want to be comfortable?  Does it look like the outfit shown above, or is your lounging wear a bit more “worn?”

Keep in mind, just because no one sees you, generally, when you are lounging, it does not mean that you should be wearing ratty, old, smelly clothes with holes in them.

Why not look your best even when lounging around the house?  Respect yourself enough to look presentable at all times, even during those times when you are alone.

Where to Wear?

Lounging around. 🙂

Investment Pieces

All of them – we all need presentable, comfy clothes in which to lounge.


I do follow my own rules when it come to lounging.  When I am home alone and just want to lounge around and relax, I will wear an outfit similar to the one shown.  Even while lounging, I respect myself enough to dress presentably.  Why shouldn’t I? 

Happy lounging my lovely friends.  Fondly, Sonya

Why Not?

Why Not?

Why Not, What?

Why not wear saddle shoes as an adult?  Who says you cannot?  Just because children wear them in all those private schools, doesn’t mean that you can’t wear them, too.

This is a simple jeans and tee look.  The saddle shoes and necklace give it a bit of pizazz.  Who doesn’t need a little pizazz every once in a while?

Where to Wear?

This is certainly a casual look, so wear it to all of your casual “stuff.”  Wear it to the movies, to a casual lunch or dinner, to Saturday morning breakfast out, to visit friends, shopping, etc.

Wear this look to wherever you darn please, except, don’t wear those shoes when picking up your daughter from that private school…that would just be weird. 🙂

Investment Pieces

I suppose you could argue that every item in this outfit could be an investment.  But, you may not want to argue, because arguing is rarely fun.


Hope your day was full of fun and pizazz, today.

Happy day, my lovelies.  Fondly, Sonya

Snow Boots

Snow Boots

What do you pack for a week-end at a snowy location?  An essential piece is your footwear.  Choose the snow  boots, and then work the outfits around them.

I know, it sounds silly.  But…whatever, when it comes to snow dressing, we have to start somewhere, right?

It’s snow, so try and do your best in looking great and staying warm.  The important part, of course is to stay warm.  (You thought I was going to say that the important part was looking great, didn’t you?) 🙂

Enjoy the warm and great-looking outfits below.

Where to Wear

Wear snow boots anywhere where there is snow, of course.  If you don’t have snow where you live, then wear your snow boots, anyway.  Who’s to say you should only wear these boots in the snow?  Not me…I won’t say a word.

The outfits above can be worn shopping, to dinner, to the movies, lounging around the house, etc.  Wear them to any of your casual events.  Especially in the snowy parts of the world.

Investment Piece

Snow boots.  Now is a great time to buy those snow boots because the winter is almost over and those babies are probably on sale. (Although, I haven’t checked, so sorry).


At our lake house in northern Michigan, I have a pair of boy snow boots that I purchased about 7 years ago.  They are not exactly stylish, but I can tell you that I have worn them over and over again. In fact, I wore them this morning on our long hike through the snowy woods.

Stay warm and toasty as you play in winter’s last snow, my friends.

Rainy Day Errands

Rainy Day Errands


You wake up on a Saturday morning and it’s raining outside.  First instinct is to stay in bed as long as you can – why not, right?  But then, you realize, you have a few errands to run.

If, on a rainy day, you must get out and about, at least you can feel better by dressing cute and appropriate for the weather.

What to Wear

If it is cool outside, choose an outfit similar to the one shown above.  A pair of skinny jeans, a warm, comfy sweater, a scarf, your casual raincoat, certainly an umbrella, and preferably a tote that can handle the rain and not get ruined.

This is also the perfect day to test out that dry shampoo you bought last time you were at the drug store.  Twirl your hair up in a bun or fun, messy, easy updo, and you are ready.

Now, go tackle those errands and when you get back home, treat yourself to a nice cup of hot chocolate – you deserve it!!

Investment Pieces:

Rain boots, pearl earings, nice umbrella, tote bag.


Investment – Blazers

Investment - Favorite Blazers


What’s not to love…I would like all of these in my closet, please.  Would that be too much?  Nope!!

If you work in an office setting, you won’t go wrong if you start investing in blazers.  Blazers work perfectly for work. (Ooops, I just got jam on my keyboard…rule of thumb people – don’t eat jam while typing on your computer.)

Blazers work well with pants, skirts, dresses, jeans, pretty much with anything.  Start with colors you love and those that coordinate with your current wardrobe.  Find styles that compliment your body type.  If need be, have your blazers altered to get that perfect fit.  Even an inexpensive blazer will look amazing if the fit is proper.

Can you tell I love blazers?

Investment Pieces – Pencil Skirts

Versatile Pencil Skirts

Investment Pieces – Pencil Skirts

A pencil skirt works well in a work environment.  I wear mine with blazers, cardigans, sweaters, etc.  I love all the ones shown above.  Not all of us can invest in all of these at once.  I suggest starting with the neutral colors like black, navy, and cream first, then building on from there.  The above colors are just a suggestion.  If you work in a less conservative work environment, you may want skirts with bolder colors and prints.

I have wide hips, so it’s hard for me to find brands that work well for my body type.  If I find a pencil skirt that fits my hips, then it’s too big for my waist.  So, the best practice for me is to buy a skirt that’s a bit too big then have it altered. Because I know this about my body, I usually wait for sales, knowing I’ll have to pay a bit more for alteration.

Wearing a pencil skirt with pumps always makes me feel professional, put together and powerful.  Who doesn’t want to feel like that?