Casual Fridays – Lavender and Cream

Spring with Rebecca Minkoff's Perfect Jacket


A beautiful color for spring, no doubt.  There are so many shades from which to choose.  Can you wear lavender?

Where to Wear?

I had casual work Friday’s in mind in designing the above look, but it can certainly be worn to many other events.

Wear it to work on a regular work day if you environment is more creative and casual, wear it when going out with your friends, wear it on a dinner, lunch or brunch date, wear it to the movies, shopping, even traveling.

Investment Pieces

The watch and earings are certainly investment pieces.  Those would work with most any outfit.

The bag has such a classic look and the color is perfect for spring and summer.

We all need a pair of white, or cream, skinny jeans, don’t we?  I just find that these are hard for me to wear.  I love the look, but have not been successful in wearing them.  Perhaps, being a women of a certain age, I’ve gone past my years of being able to wear white skinnys.

Happy Friday, my friends!!  You’ve done a great job this week, now go meet those friends for happy hour and relax and enjoy yourself!!

Casual Fridays by sonyastyle

Pendant Love

Pendant Love

Long Pendants

Another fall trend, according to my Nordstrom’s catalog, is a long pendant.  The catalog suggest that you wear it with V-necklines as I’ve done above.  I love wearing long pendants with other necklines as well, including turtlenecks. Really, wear them with whatever neckline you choose.

When grouping pendants together, just be sure they complement each other.  How do you know they complement each other, you ask?  Simple.  After adorning yourself with a pendant, or several at once, look at yourself.  Upon gazing at your reflection, if you start asking yourself such things as, “do these go together,” “is this too much,” then try again.  Trust your instincts. If you see your overall look and you love it, then go for it.  Dressing is really all about making you feel good inside and loving how you look is our ultimate goal.


I know, I know…matching isn’t the formula used in high style.  But I love it and can’t help myself.  For me, outfits that compliment and “match” are more pleasing.  So forgive me for my “matchy, matchy” style, that’s just who I am!

Where to Wear

I would certainly wear this outfit to work, even on non casual Fridays.  It is simple, but certainly sophisticated and office friendly.  If your office is very conservative, then throw on a blazer.  This outfit is appropriate for any number of occasions from dinner, brunch, shopping, to the theater, opera, meeting your boyfriends parents, etc.

I’m loving that top – but what’s not to love, right, with a $750 top?  Personally, I wouldn’t spend that much on a top, but I love the style and may try and search for one that’s similar, but not so expensive.

Thanks for stopping by y’all, its been fun.

PS I have yet to try on some SJP shoes – I know, I’m missing out!!