Style Diary – Ugly Shoes

Style Diary - Ugly Shoes

Ugly Shoes

Do you wear “ugly” shoes?  I put the word ugly in quotation marks because it is so subjective.  My ugly, may be your beautiful.  And my beautiful, may be your ugly.  You get it.

To me, because I happen to dress more elegantly, anything big, clunky, and manly looking can be ugly.  To my sixteen-year-old daughter, Kate, anything with a pointy toe (which is pretty much all I wear) is ugly.  (You can be sure that I don’t ask her if she likes my shoes).

Where to Wear?

The outfit above is fun.  Wear it to brunch, on a date, out with friends, to a very fashionable, creative office, shopping, sight-seeing.  If you change out the shoes and throw on some pretty sandals or pumps, you may be able to wear this look to a shower, a wedding, cocktail party, in other words, a more formal occasion.

Investment Pieces

All of the jewelry would be investment pieces.  The purse is pretty conservative and may be something you wear for a few years.  The midi skirt and crop top are pretty trendy, so maybe not for them.  The jacket would be an investment piece, assuming this mustard color works well with the rest of your wardrobe.  Those ugly shoes – well, you know how I feel about those, right?


Have you had those weeks at work where every thing seemed off?  Where “you” seemed off?  That’s the type of week I have had.  I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but knew that something wasn’t “right”.

I am a “highly sensitive person” or, HSP, and because of that I am learning to trust my intuition and feelings more and more.  In fact, I am trying to rely on this intuition more in learning the truth, than I rely on the meaning of the words spoken. 

Are you an HSP?  Do you know what that is?  Check out Dr. Elaine Aron’s website and her book The Highly Sensitive Person.  She will tell you all about it.  She’s the expert on HSP’s.

See…when you come to my blog, not only do you dress cute, but you also learn so much about the inner workings of your mind.  I am proud of you for putting equal energy on fashion and learning about your mind.  I always knew you were bright!!!

Have a great Saturday my friends, thanks for stopping by.

Fondly, Sonya



White Tee Basics

White Tee Basics

White Tees

This white tee can be worn under blazers for work, as we have seen earlier this week, it can be worn as shown for a casual Friday look, it can be worn with faded, ripped jeans for a more casual look and on and on.  White tees are certainly a wardrobe staple.

When selecting a white tee, choose one that is the perfect shade of white – keeping in mind that stark white is not the best look on all of us.  Some of us look better in a softer, less bright, white.  In addition, select a fabric and style that suits you.

You need to love this white tee, so be selective, shop around and choose very carefully.  If you do these things, then this tee will become a workhorse.

Where to Wear?

Wear this look to work on a casual Friday, wear it to brunch, to the movies, on a date, out with friends, etc.  This is one of those looks that can be worn on many days, for many events and occasions.

Investment Pieces

The white tee is a must investment piece, the blazer may be one if that color is one of yours, the jewelry is certainly an investment.  As far as the shoes and purse go, they may be investment pieces if bright yellow coordinates beautifully with the rest of your wardrobe.


We love Fridays, don’t we?  Wearing this fun look makes Friday even more special.  I must admit, though, I think I am less productive on Fridays than the other days of the week.  I wonder if it is because of my casual looks?

What are y’alls thoughts on productivity and Fridays?  Do you think you get less done on a Friday than any other day of the week?  If you answered yes, then it is probably because of the casual attire.  If you don’t believe me, then do an experiment and don’t wear a casual outfit on a random Friday and see if you are more productive that day.  Let me know what you find out. 

You know, with this experimenting business, y’all are just like scientist.  Good job, I knew you were intelligent!

Happy, happy hour, today!!  Be safe and have a relaxing two days off.

Work Week – Monochromatic

Work Week - Presentations



Seems simple, right, wearing one color?  It is, and it isn’t.  To do a monochromatic outfit justice, try adding different textures to the color you choose.  As shown above, the lace coat and the crocodile leather tote are a very different texture than the smoothness of the dress.

Also, throw in an accent color, as is shown in the belt and shoes, above.  This helps break up the color a bit and makes the outfit more interesting.

Texture and an accent color, in my opinion, add interest and character to a monochromatic look.  Personally, I’ve always been a fan of a monochromatic look.  What about y’all, do you like monochromatic looks?

Where to Wear?

This outfit is so beautiful, it can be worn to so many casual and even dressy events.  Certainly wear it to that conservative office.  Also, wear it on a dinner date, to the ballet, for a wedding or baby shower, or even a wedding.  Wear it to church, wear it on Easter, wear it where ever you choose – the choices are limitless.

Investment Pieces

The jewelry – watch, earings, necklace and ring would all qualify as investment pieces.

The shoes, bag and belt would all fall under this category.

The dress would also be one that can be worn for many years and still look appropriate and stylish.

As beautiful as the coat is, I probably would not choose it as my investment piece.  I had to add it to this outfit, because it looks so beautiful with the dress.

May your days be full of joy and sprinkled with color!! Have a great day, my friends.

Girl Gang

School Gala

Grown Up Girl Gang

If I had a girl gang, which I don’t, then this is what we would wear.  These dresses would be appropriate for many social engagements or even a special dinner out with your husband or the man you want to be your husband.

With evening wear, I like to add a clutch.  A clutch is smaller and just plain looks better with evening dresses than a big day-wear bag.

One of the most important things about these outfits is that which is underneath.  Make sure you wear the proper under garments, so that your beautiful dress drapes and looks beautiful.

My girl gang, all dressed up as shown, is heading to the annual school gala.