Same Idea – 2 Price Points – Gray Pants

Same Idea - 2 Price Points - Gray Pants

Two Price Points

Let’s face it, the amount of money a teacher can spend on clothes is less than what an executive has available to spend.  Therefore, the items these two women purchase will most likely be very different.

However, just because the pieces of clothing will be different, it doesn’t mean that the overall “look” has to be significantly different, right?

Shown above is a very similar look, but with a very different overall price tag.

Where to Wear?

Let’s just keep it simple, today.  Wear these looks to work.

Investment Pieces

Pants, shoes, purses, watches, and pearl earings.  I can see you wearing these pieces over and over again.  Can’t you?


It’s Monday morning.  However, that is perfectly fine with you because you are ready for the week.  This past weekend, you did laundry, you chose your outfits for this week, you planned your lunches and dinners, and you got that manicure and pedicure that has been on your to-do-list for three weeks.  (Wow, that’s so weird, that’s been on my list, too).

A bit too ambitious?  Well, let’s say that you only did one of these things.  That’s alright, because every little bit helps.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to prepare for the week ahead.  It does not really matter whether you are an executive at a large corporation or an elementary school teacher.  Preparation is equally important to all of us.

Let’s take on this week and show it what we are made of…determination, courage, excellence, and perseverance.   Yes, you are made of all those things, plus more!!

Thanks for stopping by and have an amazing week. 

Fondly, Sonya


Style Diary – Camel Coat

Work Week - Camel Coat

Camel Coat

Yes, we all need one.  No…we do.  Let’s just accept this as fact and get one.  One less decision to make, right?

Where to Wear?

Certainly wear this to work, wear it to dinner, church, cocktail party, drinks after work, etc.  This is one of those outfits that is appropriate for most occasions that come your way.

Investment Pieces

Let’s just say all of these pieces are an investment.  That will just make things easier.  And on this post, we are all about easy.


Remember how we discussed the cost of certain pieces in my sets?  You don’t.  Well, that is certainly OK.  Let’s discuss it again, then. 

I choose pieces that will be most flattering in the creation of the set.  Some of these pieces, like the VB dress shown, are quite expensive.  I am not suggesting that you go and buy these expensive pieces (although if your budget allows, then by all means, go for it), I am recommending the “look” that the pieces are showing. 

You can create most of my looks by purchasing all of the pieces at Forever 21, let’s say, and spend less than $100 on the entire outfit – including the purses. (But probably not including the jewelry – sorry for that). 

So, purchase your clothes wisely.  If you like the look that is presented in the sets I show you, then by all means, imitate it, but do so while staying within your budget.  Yes, you do have a budget – we all do.  We shall discuss that at a later date. 🙂  You are wise consumers!  Way to go!

Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by. 

Fondly Sonya


Mini With Pink

Cute Pink

Mini Skirts

The mini skirt above is quite unusual and “cute.”

The look of the outfit is a bit young, but the purse, cardigan and jewelry are more mature and sophisticated.  The shoes are both – young / cute and mature / sophisticated.

Don’t you love when you find a pair of shoes that can be worn by you and your sixteen-year-old daughter?

Where to Wear?

Wear this look shopping, to a girly event like a fashion show, to meet friends for lunch, to a party, to brunch, etc.

Investment Pieces

At first, I was going to say, nothing, but as I look at each of the pieces again, with the exception of the skirt, I love all of these as investment pieces.  I am loving those shoes.


A busy week at work – closing out the month and the quarter which means added work in a shorter period of time.  I don’t mind, though.  I like my job and when I’m busy, the day goes by faster.

Does the thought of “when will this day ever end” go through your mind while you are at work?  If so, maybe you should start looking for something else.  Believe me, life is too short to be working somewhere where you feel miserable.  Your job should bring joy and satisfaction and getting up each morning and heading to work should invoke happiness and eagerness.

Now, before you go and quit that job you are not loving, remember, you should have a new one lined up first. 

Happy day, my friends.  Fondly, Sonya