Style Diary – Hoodies

Hoodies in the Rain


What’s not to love about hoodies.  They are soft, warm and comfortable.  And this season, it looks like we can pretty much throw one on over whatever we are wearing and look “fashionable”.  To that I say…heck, yes.

Where to Wear?

If you throw on a hoodie over a skirt, as shown above, then wear it wherever you’d like.  Well, almost wherever.  I probably would not wear a hoodie to work, church, a wedding, or any other formal occasion.  But, for all your casual events, why not?

Investment Pieces

That skirt is so cute, I am adding it in the investment pieces.  The shoes, watch, and of course that gorgeous umbrella. (yes, umbrellas can be gorgeous and an investment piece).


It’s Friday.  You made it through the week.  Good for you.  I have to ask, did you pick out your outfits for the week?  If so, how did it work out for you? 

This weekend, if it is cool where you live, throw on that hoodie, lay back, and  relax.  You deserve it.  You’ve worked hard this week.  I am proud of you and your amazing work ethic.  Nice job, my friends. 

Thanks for stopping by. 

Fondly, Sonya




Casual Friday Jeans 3

Casual Friday Jeans

Casual Jeans Outfit 3

A whole new color palette, today, with our jeans.  This time we are embracing spring and all of its vibrant colors.

For this outfit, we simply chose a blouse, added some fun low heel pumps and coordinated our jewelry.  An easy look to put together.

What do y’all think of this look?  Don’t you think that it has a whole different “vibe” than the previous two jeans outfits?  Can you begin to see that you need only one pair of jeans to take you through many casual Fridays?

Saturday Brunch

Saturday Brunch


For your next Saturday brunch, why not wear a casual dress.

If you don’t have a pair of nude flats, this is the perfect time to shop for some.  Nude flats can be worn with just about any color.

I threw the scarf in for warmth.  It is spring, after all, and the temperatures are still a bit unpredictable.  (We love that about spring, don’t we?)  Use the scarf as a shawl.  If you get cold, just wrap it around your shoulders and arms.

Of course, if it is still pretty chilly where you live, then go ahead and add a light jacket or cardigan to this look.  Don’t worry – it won’t ruin it.

Where to Wear?

Wear this outfit to brunch, wear it to work on casual Friday, to a casual dinner, to the movies, to have coffee with friends, shopping, etc.  This is a pretty versatile look that can be worn just about anywhere.

Investment Pieces

The dress can be an investment if green is your color and this style works for your body type.  The pumps are an investment – you will wear these often.  The purse, the scarf, and possibly the belt are all investment pieces as well.


I will be heading to college, today, for a brunch with my daughter and her friends and their families.  It is mom’s week-end at her school. 

For those of you who have college-aged children, don’t you find that each time you go and visit them at school, you leave with a few less dollars in your wallet? 

For those of you who are in college, don’t worry about this.  You keep doing your thing – you know, studying, studying and studying.  (Yes, a subtle reminder as to why you are in college.) 🙂

Happy mom’s week-end, my friends.

Fondly, Sonya

Monday (or Tuesday) to Friday

Monday to Friday

One Blazer Two Looks

A blazer is such a great investment piece and works beautifully with a pencil skirt for work.  But, don’t stop there, try the same blazer (with a different neutral color this time) with a pair of jeans for a more casual Friday look.  You can wear the same jewelry both days.  Unless you do not want to, in that case, don’t.

The color of this blazer is so beautiful – it has just the right amounts of red and blue.  A perfect color formula, don’t you think?

Where to Wear?

Work, and work, of course.  I would even say you could wear the outfit on the left to a job interview.  Why not, right?  The outfit on the right is obviously more casual and can be worn to the movies, to a more casual dinner, to drinks with friends, and so on.

Investment Pieces

Assuming you look terrific in purple and this perfect shade coordinates with the other colors of your wardrobe, I would say that every piece in these two outfits can be an investment piece.


I know it is Tuesday and not Monday.  I wanted to post this outfit yesterday but struggled with some technical stuff.  Don’t y’all hate technical issues?  I certainly do.

Today at work, the budget committee sent an email requesting that we load an update to the budgeting software.  I struggled and finally had to get assistance from out IT people.  It took our IT guy about 3 minutes to get the job done.  I, on the other hand, had already struggled with it for about 30 minutes.  My thought…why not just have all of our new software updates done by the IT department?  Isn’t that more efficient and a better use of everyone’s time?

I bet if I was wearing the blazer above, today, I would have been the one to load my new update in three minutes.  Heck, I may have been able to do it in two…because I think this purple blazer probably possesses those type of powers.

Happy Tuesday / Monday (again), everyone.

Ruffles at Work and Play

Ruffles at Work and Play

One Dress – Two Ways

We are continuing our ruffles theme this week with a ruffled dress, this time.

This is a beautiful (and expensive) dress from Victoria Beckham.  What do you think about the two ways it is styled, above?

If you are going to invest that much money on one dress, my thought is that you should have multiple ways in which you could style it.

To make a dress work for work (yes, I meant to say that), simply add a blazer, closed toed pumps, conservative jewelry and a tote or satchel.

Then, for dinner, or an evening look, take off the blazer, add some fun, strappy (no, “strappy” is not really a word, but it should be, – it means, shoes with straps) shoes, change out your jewelry to something more bold, big and bouncy (I’m not sure what I mean by bouncy jewelry – I needed another B word and couldn’t think of a better one), and lastly, add an interesting clutch

Where to Wear?

The first look can be worn to work, to Easter brunch, on Mother’s Day, to the theater, to a work dinner, to any number of conservative occasions or events.

The second look can be worn to Easter brunch and Mother’s Day brunch, too,  to a fancy dinner, to the opera, to a cocktail party, to a baby’s christening, and to many other “dressy” events or occasions. Let your imagination soar…

Investment Pieces

As I look at all of the items in this post, I can see how each and every one of them could be an investment piece, except maybe the “strappy” heels.  Although, you could argue that “strappy” heels have been popular for a few years now.  I know…it’s not nice to argue…in this case, we are just having a discussion, right?  How about if you decide on the “strappy” heels for yourselves?  A win-win sort of thing.


What do y’all think about making a few changes to an outfit and taking it from one type of event, like work, to another, like dinner?

I have been using this “strategy” for a long time and it has worked pretty well. 

Are you tired of ruffles, yet, or may I post one more day that’s ruffled themed?  I may…well, thanks y’all, that’s one of the reasons I like you so much – you are so agreeable.

See you tomorrow with our last ruffled theme outfit of the week.  I know, you can hardly contain yourselves.  🙂

Teacher Looks – First Day of School

Teacher Looks - First Day of School

Teacher Looks

My daughter Ellie is going to be a teacher when she graduates from college.  The teacher sets are for her to get ideas on what to wear.  The clothes will be on the affordable side, with some more expensive bags, shoes and jewelry.

Don’t y’all think that teachers should look put together and presentable?  I do.  So let’s help them out by offering suggestions.

Suggestion one, wear cute dresses.  The dress above is cute, affordable and pretty flattering on most body types.  The tote is in lieu of a bag, since teachers are usually hauling home papers to grade.  The shoes are low-heeled considering how much walking and standing most teachers do during the day.

These are going to be fun sets to create.  Happy Tuesday, y’all.  Hope its great.

Pendant Love

Pendant Love

Long Pendants

Another fall trend, according to my Nordstrom’s catalog, is a long pendant.  The catalog suggest that you wear it with V-necklines as I’ve done above.  I love wearing long pendants with other necklines as well, including turtlenecks. Really, wear them with whatever neckline you choose.

When grouping pendants together, just be sure they complement each other.  How do you know they complement each other, you ask?  Simple.  After adorning yourself with a pendant, or several at once, look at yourself.  Upon gazing at your reflection, if you start asking yourself such things as, “do these go together,” “is this too much,” then try again.  Trust your instincts. If you see your overall look and you love it, then go for it.  Dressing is really all about making you feel good inside and loving how you look is our ultimate goal.


I know, I know…matching isn’t the formula used in high style.  But I love it and can’t help myself.  For me, outfits that compliment and “match” are more pleasing.  So forgive me for my “matchy, matchy” style, that’s just who I am!

Where to Wear

I would certainly wear this outfit to work, even on non casual Fridays.  It is simple, but certainly sophisticated and office friendly.  If your office is very conservative, then throw on a blazer.  This outfit is appropriate for any number of occasions from dinner, brunch, shopping, to the theater, opera, meeting your boyfriends parents, etc.

I’m loving that top – but what’s not to love, right, with a $750 top?  Personally, I wouldn’t spend that much on a top, but I love the style and may try and search for one that’s similar, but not so expensive.

Thanks for stopping by y’all, its been fun.

PS I have yet to try on some SJP shoes – I know, I’m missing out!!