Same Idea – 2 Price Points – Orange Dress

Same Idea - 2 Price Points - Orange Dress

Same Idea, Different Price Tag

Here is another example of creating a similar look, but with very different price points.  Both looks are elegant, professional and certainly appropriate for the work environment.

I don’t know about you, but just by looking, I wouldn’t be able to tell that one look costs much more than the other.  What are your thoughts?


My company has has a RIF (reduction-in-force) this week.  It has been pretty shocking and very sad.  The ones of us who remain are asked to pick up the pieces and get the work done, with less people.  Some of us were given additional responsibilities.  If you have been in a similar situation, let me tell you that the best way to handle it is to “accept” and move forward.  Don’t complain, don’t stop working, just say to yourself, “It is what it is,” and I will continue to do my very best -the quality of my work is not dependent on outside sources. 

Have a lovely weekend! 

Fondly, Sonya


Style Diary – Hoodies

Hoodies in the Rain


What’s not to love about hoodies.  They are soft, warm and comfortable.  And this season, it looks like we can pretty much throw one on over whatever we are wearing and look “fashionable”.  To that I say…heck, yes.

Where to Wear?

If you throw on a hoodie over a skirt, as shown above, then wear it wherever you’d like.  Well, almost wherever.  I probably would not wear a hoodie to work, church, a wedding, or any other formal occasion.  But, for all your casual events, why not?

Investment Pieces

That skirt is so cute, I am adding it in the investment pieces.  The shoes, watch, and of course that gorgeous umbrella. (yes, umbrellas can be gorgeous and an investment piece).


It’s Friday.  You made it through the week.  Good for you.  I have to ask, did you pick out your outfits for the week?  If so, how did it work out for you? 

This weekend, if it is cool where you live, throw on that hoodie, lay back, and  relax.  You deserve it.  You’ve worked hard this week.  I am proud of you and your amazing work ethic.  Nice job, my friends. 

Thanks for stopping by. 

Fondly, Sonya



Let’s Grab a Drink

Let's Grab a Drink

Summer Date

Are summer dates more fun than winter dates?  If so, then what makes summer dates more fun?  Could it be that we get to show more skin?  Or is it simply the ambiance of a dimly lit rooftop, sitting close enough to see his baby blues, sipping on something cool and feeling his hand lightly brush against your bear leg?  Possibly…but my thought is that they are more fun because we get to wear our new yellow sandals.  What’s not fun about these babies?

Where to Wear

Wear this look to most summer casual events.  Wear it shopping, brunch with friends, to the movies, etc.

Investment Pieces

The black tank, the sandals (if yellow is one of your wardrobe colors), the purse, watch and necklace.  For the perfume, choose your own…we each have our individual preferences, as we should. 🙂


How do y’all feel about wearing shorts?  I don’t wear them often, anymore.  However, when I was younger, I would most certainly wear an outfit like the one shown above.  The looser fitting shorts, like the ones above, were easier for me to wear.  On my frame, they were more flattering and a bit more conservative looking. 

Be careful with shorts, though, sometimes they can be too short or too tight.  It is OK to wear them this way, of course, just be wise when making these choices.  Yes…you are very wise, so I know that you will not wear shorts inappropriately! 

Happy Saturday!






Casual Friday Jeans 2

Casual Friday Jeans

Casual Friday Look 2

This time, we have changed the color palette and paired the jeans with a white tee, a blazer and flats.  We all probably have these items in our closet, right?

Adding the tee and flats makes this outfit look a bit more casual than yesterday’s look.  The blazer and structured purse balance the look to make it more work appropriate.

Happy work day everyone.

Floral Romper

Floral Romper

Floral Romper

If you love rompers and also love large floral prints, why not marry the two and wear a floral romper?

Are the floral shoes for this outfit too much, you ask?  It is a good question, you are so inquisitive.  I liked the shoes with the romper – the floral patterns in each seem to compliment one another.  Who says you can’t wear floral shoes with a floral outfit?  No, not us.

Where to Wear?

Maybe wear this to a luncheon fashion show, wear it to brunch, wear it on a date (men like flowers, right?), wear it when meeting your friends for drinks.  This is a cute and fun outfit, so wear it when you feel cute and want to have some fun.

Investment Pieces

The purse, watch and earings are investment pieces.  Perhaps the jacket, too, could be an investment if pink is one of your wardrobe colors.


My daughters love to wear rompers.  On them, they look cute and fresh. 

For someone a tad older, like myself, I would recommend staying away from rompers.  Don’t get too upset, it’s just a recommendation, not a requirement.  If you are near my age, have terrific looking legs (or do not) and you want to wear a romper, then go for it. 

Always remember that fashion is something you do for yourself. 

Yesterday was Nation Walk to Work Day, or something like that.  All I know is that yesterday, you were supposed to walk a lot.  So how did you do with your steps, yesterday?  I know you’re measuring them.  Aren’t we all? 

Happy walking and “rompering,” my friends.  Fondly, Sonya 


Teacher Looks – First Day of School

Teacher Looks - First Day of School

Teacher Looks

My daughter Ellie is going to be a teacher when she graduates from college.  The teacher sets are for her to get ideas on what to wear.  The clothes will be on the affordable side, with some more expensive bags, shoes and jewelry.

Don’t y’all think that teachers should look put together and presentable?  I do.  So let’s help them out by offering suggestions.

Suggestion one, wear cute dresses.  The dress above is cute, affordable and pretty flattering on most body types.  The tote is in lieu of a bag, since teachers are usually hauling home papers to grade.  The shoes are low-heeled considering how much walking and standing most teachers do during the day.

These are going to be fun sets to create.  Happy Tuesday, y’all.  Hope its great.

Over the Knee Boots

Over the Knee Boots, Two

Over the Knee Boots

What do y’all think of over the knee boots?  The color of the ones above are amazing – so sophisticated and elegant.

Where to Wear

Wear this in a creative office environment, to dinner, walking the streets of New York or Chicago, to a dinner party, maybe even Christmas eve dinner.  I love all of the pieces in this outfit!!

Here is another outfit idea with over the knee boots.  Have a wonderful week-end, y’all!!

Over the Knee Boots