Full Skirt

Full Skirt

The Full Skirt

The full skirt makes me want to be taller.  Can us petite women wear full skirts?  Probably, but every time I put on a skirt like the one shown above, I feel “huge.”  Not exactly the desired feeling we seek in our outfits.

The look above is beautiful, though.  I love how the stripes of the skirt turn to flowers.  With a full skirt, you probably want to wear a shorter top or tuck in a longer one.  The idea is to define your waist.  Adding a belt may be fun, too.

Where to Wear

I was somewhat stumped in deciding where to wear this outfit.  One the one hand, I was thinking you could wear this just about anywhere, and on the other hand, I thought, could you wear this anywhere?  Dilemma – really not an ideal way in which to start your day, I wouldn’t recommend it.  Maybe y’all could make this decision for me – I will be working on budgets at work today, so I need all this “decision-making energy” to go towards that.  Sorry to leave this on you, but I do appreciate the help. 🙂

Aren’t those earings and bag a terrific color?  I love the watch, too.

Happy Thursday, after making the tough decision about where to wear this outfit, I hope the rest of your day is as decision-free as possible.  Have a great one!!


Brocade Skirt

Brocade Skirt


Evidently, brocade is in for fall.  I love the look, but don’t like it on me.  I find that it to be too heavy and it makes me feel smaller than I am.  Since I’m petite, that isn’t usually a good thing.

This outfit is styled pretty casual.  You could wear it to work on casual Friday, or any day, if your office is always casual; you can wear it to shop, have brunch, dinner with friends, etc.  It’s a pretty versatile outfit.

When it gets really cold, add some tights, boots and a coat.

Thanks for stopping by!!  Y’all are terrific – and not just because you stopped by. 🙂