Same Idea – 2 Price Points – Orange Dress

Same Idea - 2 Price Points - Orange Dress

Same Idea, Different Price Tag

Here is another example of creating a similar look, but with very different price points.  Both looks are elegant, professional and certainly appropriate for the work environment.

I don’t know about you, but just by looking, I wouldn’t be able to tell that one look costs much more than the other.  What are your thoughts?


My company has has a RIF (reduction-in-force) this week.  It has been pretty shocking and very sad.  The ones of us who remain are asked to pick up the pieces and get the work done, with less people.  Some of us were given additional responsibilities.  If you have been in a similar situation, let me tell you that the best way to handle it is to “accept” and move forward.  Don’t complain, don’t stop working, just say to yourself, “It is what it is,” and I will continue to do my very best -the quality of my work is not dependent on outside sources. 

Have a lovely weekend! 

Fondly, Sonya


Monday (or Tuesday) to Friday

Monday to Friday

One Blazer Two Looks

A blazer is such a great investment piece and works beautifully with a pencil skirt for work.  But, don’t stop there, try the same blazer (with a different neutral color this time) with a pair of jeans for a more casual Friday look.  You can wear the same jewelry both days.  Unless you do not want to, in that case, don’t.

The color of this blazer is so beautiful – it has just the right amounts of red and blue.  A perfect color formula, don’t you think?

Where to Wear?

Work, and work, of course.  I would even say you could wear the outfit on the left to a job interview.  Why not, right?  The outfit on the right is obviously more casual and can be worn to the movies, to a more casual dinner, to drinks with friends, and so on.

Investment Pieces

Assuming you look terrific in purple and this perfect shade coordinates with the other colors of your wardrobe, I would say that every piece in these two outfits can be an investment piece.


I know it is Tuesday and not Monday.  I wanted to post this outfit yesterday but struggled with some technical stuff.  Don’t y’all hate technical issues?  I certainly do.

Today at work, the budget committee sent an email requesting that we load an update to the budgeting software.  I struggled and finally had to get assistance from out IT people.  It took our IT guy about 3 minutes to get the job done.  I, on the other hand, had already struggled with it for about 30 minutes.  My thought…why not just have all of our new software updates done by the IT department?  Isn’t that more efficient and a better use of everyone’s time?

I bet if I was wearing the blazer above, today, I would have been the one to load my new update in three minutes.  Heck, I may have been able to do it in two…because I think this purple blazer probably possesses those type of powers.

Happy Tuesday / Monday (again), everyone.

Ruffles on Casual Friday

Ruffles at Brunch

Ruffles on Casual Friday

I promise, this is the last ruffled post of the week.  This time, the ruffles are in our blouse and take advantage of a peplum, ruffled look.  You know what “peplum” means, right?  Well, if you do not, no worries, I shall educate you.  Here is the definition:

noun: peplum; plural noun: peplums
  1. a short flared, gathered, or pleated strip of fabric attached at the waist of a woman’s jacket, dress, or blouse to create a hanging frill or flounce.
    • (in ancient Greece) a woman’s loose outer tunic or shawl.

Since this is a sleeveless blouse, the sweater is necessary.  Most offices are pretty cold.  Is that because most office buildings have facilities directors who are men?  I’ve often wondered?

Back to the outfit, do you like the yellow shoes with the black and white?  Adding touches of color to a black and white outfit is usually a fantastic idea.  Why not try it?

Where to Wear?

Wear this on casual Fridays at work, or if your office environment is not very conservative, then wear it any day of the week to work, wear it to a casual brunch, to a girls night out, to dinner and a movie with your special man, (or lady), etc.  This is one of those outfits that is appropriate for any number of events or occasions.

Investment Pieces

If yellow is one of your wardrobe colors, then the shoes and belt would be an investment piece for you.  The bag is a perfect shape and if the green works in your wardrobe, that too, would be an investment piece.

The jewelry is pretty timeless and can be worn over and over again with any number of outfits.


It is Friday.  If you are in a traditional Monday – Friday type of job, don’t you love Fridays?

One of the things I usually do on a Friday at work is to clean up and organize. 

I file any papers that need filing, I organize any undone projects on my desk, I go through the past week’s emails and jot down in my master to-do-list any pending items, I create a to-do-list for Monday (I know, that’s a lot of lists), and I dust my desk and clean my keyboard and computer screen.

Why do I do all of this, you ask?  Well, it makes me feel better prepared the following Monday and more in control of my work, rather than my work being in control of me. 

If you feel frazzled on Monday mornings, why not do as I do and prepare for Mondays on Fridays?  It may even make your week-end more fun…no, sorry, I cannot guarantee that it will.

Happy tidying-up and organizing and have a fantastic two days off, my friends.   


College Football

Girls Night Out

Girls Night Out

Last night, I went to dinner with my three girlfriends.  Our husbands are on a golf trip together, so we wives decided to meet for dinner and drinks.  We’ve all been married for many years, so when we get together there isn’t much talk about dating and sex.  Mostly we talk about our kids, except last night, talk of college football dominated the conversation.  I’m not much into football or any sport, really, so I just sat and listened.

In getting dressed for the evening, I tried numerous outfits and didn’t like any of them.  I felt bloated and fat – don’t you just hate that feeling?

I finally decided on an outfit similar to the one above.  My “wrap” was a bit less expensive than the one shown  (I couldn’t find a more reasonably priced option to show y’all that I liked with this outfit.)

Happy Sunday – hopefully, your college football team won, yesterday.  Mine did (from what I hear.) 🙂

Work Week – Classy

Work Week - Year End Close

Put-Together and Prepared

When putting together a work outfit, (or any outfit, really) think about your day, first.  Will you be sitting in your office all day working on budgets (yes, that’s what my day will look like), will you be out and about observing, with whom will you meet, will it be hot, cold, etc.  Then, plan your outfit to fit your day.

I wear heels to work everyday – except the occasional casual Friday.  I just like the way they look with my outfits and I am able to walk in them all day.  I do keep a pair of flats in my office for those times when I am in a lab and heels are not appropriate or safe.

Is your office freezing cold, like mine?  Because of this, I have a gray Michael Kors sweater that I keep in my office all the time.  Usually, I wear a cardigan or blazer with my outfits, but on those days when I don’t, I know I have my sweater.

Putting a bit of thought and planning into your day, should help, at least logistically, to make things go smoother and less stressful.

Happy Wednesday, y’all!!  Find fun in your job today.  Even if you are working on budgets – come on, budgets can be fun…

Summer Casual Bag

Summer Casual Bag

 Summer Bag

A cross-body bag is perfect for summer.  It’s easy to just grab and go.  I especially love this cognac colored one.  It pretty much goes with anything.  What’s your favorite summer bag?

I’ve been searching for a cognac colored cross-body bag for a couple of years.  All the bags I have found and have loved are too expensive.  And each time I almost take the plunge and purchase one, my “common sense” self says…”you really do not need another cross-body bag, put it down and move on.”  (Sometimes, I don’t really like that “common sense” person inside of my head).