Same Idea – 2 Price Points – Orange Dress

Same Idea - 2 Price Points - Orange Dress

Same Idea, Different Price Tag

Here is another example of creating a similar look, but with very different price points.  Both looks are elegant, professional and certainly appropriate for the work environment.

I don’t know about you, but just by looking, I wouldn’t be able to tell that one look costs much more than the other.  What are your thoughts?


My company has has a RIF (reduction-in-force) this week.  It has been pretty shocking and very sad.  The ones of us who remain are asked to pick up the pieces and get the work done, with less people.  Some of us were given additional responsibilities.  If you have been in a similar situation, let me tell you that the best way to handle it is to “accept” and move forward.  Don’t complain, don’t stop working, just say to yourself, “It is what it is,” and I will continue to do my very best -the quality of my work is not dependent on outside sources. 

Have a lovely weekend! 

Fondly, Sonya


Mini With Pink

Cute Pink

Mini Skirts

The mini skirt above is quite unusual and “cute.”

The look of the outfit is a bit young, but the purse, cardigan and jewelry are more mature and sophisticated.  The shoes are both – young / cute and mature / sophisticated.

Don’t you love when you find a pair of shoes that can be worn by you and your sixteen-year-old daughter?

Where to Wear?

Wear this look shopping, to a girly event like a fashion show, to meet friends for lunch, to a party, to brunch, etc.

Investment Pieces

At first, I was going to say, nothing, but as I look at each of the pieces again, with the exception of the skirt, I love all of these as investment pieces.  I am loving those shoes.


A busy week at work – closing out the month and the quarter which means added work in a shorter period of time.  I don’t mind, though.  I like my job and when I’m busy, the day goes by faster.

Does the thought of “when will this day ever end” go through your mind while you are at work?  If so, maybe you should start looking for something else.  Believe me, life is too short to be working somewhere where you feel miserable.  Your job should bring joy and satisfaction and getting up each morning and heading to work should invoke happiness and eagerness.

Now, before you go and quit that job you are not loving, remember, you should have a new one lined up first. 

Happy day, my friends.  Fondly, Sonya




Power at Work

Power at Work


What makes you feel powerful at work?  By powerful, I don’t mean that you go around bossing everyone around.  Hint…no one likes that.  What I mean, when wearing what, do you feel the most confident at your job?

For me, wearing a blazer, pencil skirt and heels makes me feel at my best and most confident.  A blazer, in particular, is one of my “power” uniform pieces at the office.

This week, we will look at blazers that are colorful and fun.  Yes, blazers do not have to be dark and boring to be powerful and fun.  When wearing a “fun” blazer, make the rest of your outfit neutral and let the blazer have its moment.  Don’t you think that blazers deserve that?  I certainly do.

Where to Wear?

Well, obviously, wear this outfit to the office.  In addition, this look can be worn to any conservative type of event or occasion.

Investment Pieces

All of the pieces in this outfit are investment pieces, including the yellow blazer (assuming, of course that yellow is one of your wardrobe colors).


It is the start of yet another week at work.  Are you ready for it with your wardrobe?  Have you chosen all of the “power” outfits that you will wear this week?  You haven’t…why not?  Let us not delay any longer…stop reading my blog (I know, it is hard to tear yourself away, lol), go to your closet and pick out everything that you will wear to work for the next four days.

In choosing the items to wear this week, make sure they are clean and pressed.  You do not want to wear dirty or wrinkled clothes to work.  (Please do not ask me, why not?)

I promise that if you do this, each morning this week when you are getting ready you will stop and think…”thank you Sonya for the terrific suggestion, because getting ready for work this morning was easy and fast.”  And, as an added bonus, you will probably be on time.  For that, you may thank me another day.

Have a great week my friends,

Fondly,  Sonya



Ruffles at Work and Play

Ruffles at Work and Play

One Dress – Two Ways

We are continuing our ruffles theme this week with a ruffled dress, this time.

This is a beautiful (and expensive) dress from Victoria Beckham.  What do you think about the two ways it is styled, above?

If you are going to invest that much money on one dress, my thought is that you should have multiple ways in which you could style it.

To make a dress work for work (yes, I meant to say that), simply add a blazer, closed toed pumps, conservative jewelry and a tote or satchel.

Then, for dinner, or an evening look, take off the blazer, add some fun, strappy (no, “strappy” is not really a word, but it should be, – it means, shoes with straps) shoes, change out your jewelry to something more bold, big and bouncy (I’m not sure what I mean by bouncy jewelry – I needed another B word and couldn’t think of a better one), and lastly, add an interesting clutch

Where to Wear?

The first look can be worn to work, to Easter brunch, on Mother’s Day, to the theater, to a work dinner, to any number of conservative occasions or events.

The second look can be worn to Easter brunch and Mother’s Day brunch, too,  to a fancy dinner, to the opera, to a cocktail party, to a baby’s christening, and to many other “dressy” events or occasions. Let your imagination soar…

Investment Pieces

As I look at all of the items in this post, I can see how each and every one of them could be an investment piece, except maybe the “strappy” heels.  Although, you could argue that “strappy” heels have been popular for a few years now.  I know…it’s not nice to argue…in this case, we are just having a discussion, right?  How about if you decide on the “strappy” heels for yourselves?  A win-win sort of thing.


What do y’all think about making a few changes to an outfit and taking it from one type of event, like work, to another, like dinner?

I have been using this “strategy” for a long time and it has worked pretty well. 

Are you tired of ruffles, yet, or may I post one more day that’s ruffled themed?  I may…well, thanks y’all, that’s one of the reasons I like you so much – you are so agreeable.

See you tomorrow with our last ruffled theme outfit of the week.  I know, you can hardly contain yourselves.  🙂

Stripes at Brunch

Stripes at Brunch

Casual Stripes

Here is that striped shirt, one last time (I promise) worn in a more casual outfit.  How do y’all think about mixing stripes and florals or other patterns?  I think it works in this outfit…the black and white of the stripes are the same shades of black and white in the skirt.

Or maybe, it doesn’t work…what do y’all think?

Where to Wear?

Wow, the options as to where this can be worn are so numerous, I don’t even know where to start.  Wear it to brunch, today, of course, wear it to work, to dinner, to a play, to church, to those parent-teacher conferences, to meet your boyfriends parents, and on and on.

Investment Pieces

With the exception of that floral skirt, I love all of these as investment pieces.

If the colors of the skirt, however, coordinate with the rest of the colors in your wardrobe, then that too, can become an investment piece.  I can see wearing this skirt with a plain white tee in the summer, a dressy white blouse, perhaps a fun red top…you decide.


This outfit looks so comfortable to wear.  (At least it does in the “picture” form.)

Do y’all wear stripes and florals, together?  They can be tricky to pull off and I can see those less than creative women telling you that this doesn’t “match.”  You can politely smile and say…”that’s exactly the idea.”

Have a fun and relaxing day, ladies (and gentlemen).



Black and White for Work

Black and White for Work

More Stripes at Work

This outfit is one of my early creations on Polyvore.  Since it had a striped skirt in it, I thought I would share it with you this week.  Our stripes week.  🙂

What do you think of stripes on a skirt?  This is certainly an interesting look, taking three patterns, and putting them together.  It looks fine in the grouping above, but I wonder how it would look in real life?

Where to Wear

Wear this to work and to all other conservative events or occasions.  Even wear it to not so conservative events, why not?

Investment Pieces

The coat, shoes, bag, earings, watch and even the scarf are great investment pieces.  I probably wouldn’t spend too much money on the sweater and skirt.


It’s Wednesday and by the end of today, your work week is more than half over.  How are you doing on your weekly to-do-list?

Even up at out lake house, I have managed to squeeze in some work.  At least I’ve checked my work emails.  I didn’t want to come back to work on Monday and have 18K unread emails in my inbox.

Yes, I am exaggerating on the 18K emails.  But when you return from vacation, when you open your mailbox, doesn’t it seem like you have 18K unread emails? 

Happy day, my lovely ladies and gentlemen. 

Stripes at Work

Stripes at Work


What’s not to love about stripes, right?  Because Paris fashion week is still going on, let’s talk stripes this week.  Do you wear them?  How do you wear them?  Do you think the horizontal ones make you look larger than you are?

Where to Wear?

Obviously, this is a work outfit, so wear it to that conservative office.  In addition, this can be worn to brunch, to church, to your daughter’s piano recital (you know…the ones where you have to gently elbow your husband to wake him up.)

Also, take off the blazer and wear it on a dinner date.  There are many places that this type of outfit can be worn.  It is pretty conservative, thus the options are extensive.

Investment Pieces

With the exception of that pom-pom on the purse, every item in this outfit is an investment piece.  All of the pieces can be mixed with other items in your closet to create a wide range of outfits.


I think I’ll use that striped top, again, this week and show you how versatile it can be. 

As I look at this outfit, I realize that I need more stripes in my work wardrobe.  How about y’all, do you wear a lot of stripes? 

French women wear stripes often, and they are considered quite fashionable.  Non-French ladies, let’s add more stripes to our wardrobes, why don’t we?

Although I am not at my office this week, I am thinking about all of you who are working.  Happy Tuesday my friends!!