Style Diary – Bell Sleeves

Bell Sleeve Beauty

Belle Sleeves

Belle sleeves are so feminine, don’t you think?  I know they are having their moment right now – as they should (we won’t take that moment away from them, will we?), but belle sleeves have been around forever.  I like them, but have you noticed how they get in the way at work, typing away on your keyboard all day?

Where to Wear?

This outfit is so versatile, it can be worn most anywhere.  Change out the sandals for pumps and wear this dress to work or church.  Wear this look on a date, to a ballet, concert, wear it to dinner or to a party.  I can even see wearing this to a wedding.  Why not, right?

Investment Pieces

These style of sandals have been around for a few years, now, and nude is so versatile.  The bag, watch necklace and earings are all terrific investment pieces.


It is Monday…the start to another week of work.  (Assuming your work week is the traditional Monday – Friday sort).  So tell me…are you ready for today, this week?  Did you do everything this past weekend to prepare for the week?  If not, why not?  I know these are annoying questions for a Monday, but I must ask them.

Did you at least choose your outfits for the week?  If you have not, then when you get home from work this evening, at least do that.  Seriously, you will be surprised at how this tiny little activity will help you.  I encourage you to try it – why not?  What do you have to lose?

Have a lovely week, thanks for stopping by.

Fondly, Sonya


88th Oscars

88th Oscars

The Academy Awards

Will you be glued to the TV, tonight?  What do you love the most about the Academy Awards, is it the styles, the monologue, the competition, the glamour?

Do you wonder what some of the actresses and actors will be wearing?  The gowns are quite beautiful, aren’t they?

Is that too many questions for a Sunday morning?  lol

Where to Wear?

Certainly wear the above outfit to the Academy Awards.  Wear it to any formal event, perhaps a GALA of some type, a wedding, maybe a very formal dinner date.

Investment Pieces

The jewelry, for sure, would be an investment.  It’s so beautiful and can certainly be worn with more casual and/or work outfits.

The clutch is an investment piece and would work with many evening and formal outfits.

The dress and shoes are a bit tricky.  If you don’t often go to formal events, but one comes up, I would recommend borrowing these items from a friend. (or even a friend’s mother – we older women have more long gowns in our closets than our young adult daughters.)  I wouldn’t reccommend that you go out and spend a lot of money for a formal dress and shoes that you will only wear once.

As a family, we love movies.  When all of the kids were younger and living at home, we would print out the ballots, vote, and then sit down as a family to watch the show.  It was exciting and fun to see who would get the most right picks.

The other thing we did as a family was to try and see all of the nominated movies before the show.  It gave us all a certain anticipation for the big night.

This year, it has been a bit different.  I’m not really sure why.  Perhaps it is because I have gone back to work and haven’t had as much time to see the nominated movies, or perhaps, with three of our four kids living on their own, the experience isn’t quite the same?  I don’t know what it is, but it is making me feel somewhat nostalgic.

The only nominated movie I’ve seen is the Martian.  How many nominated movies have y’all seen?  Who do you think will win the big categories?

Have fun tonight watching the 88th Academy Awards!!