Saturday Brunch

Saturday Brunch


For your next Saturday brunch, why not wear a casual dress.

If you don’t have a pair of nude flats, this is the perfect time to shop for some.  Nude flats can be worn with just about any color.

I threw the scarf in for warmth.  It is spring, after all, and the temperatures are still a bit unpredictable.  (We love that about spring, don’t we?)  Use the scarf as a shawl.  If you get cold, just wrap it around your shoulders and arms.

Of course, if it is still pretty chilly where you live, then go ahead and add a light jacket or cardigan to this look.  Don’t worry – it won’t ruin it.

Where to Wear?

Wear this outfit to brunch, wear it to work on casual Friday, to a casual dinner, to the movies, to have coffee with friends, shopping, etc.  This is a pretty versatile look that can be worn just about anywhere.

Investment Pieces

The dress can be an investment if green is your color and this style works for your body type.  The pumps are an investment – you will wear these often.  The purse, the scarf, and possibly the belt are all investment pieces as well.


I will be heading to college, today, for a brunch with my daughter and her friends and their families.  It is mom’s week-end at her school. 

For those of you who have college-aged children, don’t you find that each time you go and visit them at school, you leave with a few less dollars in your wallet? 

For those of you who are in college, don’t worry about this.  You keep doing your thing – you know, studying, studying and studying.  (Yes, a subtle reminder as to why you are in college.) 🙂

Happy mom’s week-end, my friends.

Fondly, Sonya


Winter Coats that Work

Winter Coats

Winter Coats for Work

How many winter coats do you own?  Not enough?  I know, me either.

Although it is almost spring, right now is a great time to shop for a winter coat.  Many are on sale and financially speaking, right now is the best time to buy one (or two).

I say “financially speaking” because winter coats, like the ones shown above, are usually quite expensive.  If you can find one on sale now, that is perfect for your style and wardrobe – buy it.  Next winter, you will be so happy that you did.

While I am on the subject of winter coats, why not take an inventory of your winter coat wardrobe.  (It’s probably a good idea to do this step before you buy anything new).

Which of your coats did you wear the most this past winter?  Which did you wear the least?  Why, and why?  If you can answer these questions, then you will know what type of coats for which to shop.

Also, before you put away those winter coats, make sure that they are clean.  You really do not want to store them all summer long if they are dirty.  (P.S. why not clean the coats that you plan on giving away, too?  Don’t you think that the recipient would appreciate that?)

Where to Wear?

The style of the coats shown above would be perfect to wear to work, perfect with your dressy dresses, great for an evening out, ideal for church, and would certainly work with your casual outfits including jeans, as well.

Really, the coat styles above can be worn to almost any event in chilly weather.

Investment Pieces:

All of the winter coats above would be an investment piece.  These styles are pretty timeless.


I, for one, do not have an extensive inventory of winter coats.  Living in Dallas, we don’t need winter coats for a great part of the year.  Therefore, I have neglected this very important piece of clothing.

As I stated above, now is a great time to take an inventory of your winter coats.  Clean those you intend to keep, purge those that have become ratty, stained and are no longer repairable, give away those that no longer meet your needs, sell those that are of greater value, and of course, buy any styles / colors of which you are in need.

Personally, I should take my own advice and spend some time going through my winter coat wardrobe. 🙂

Happy winter coat shopping, my friends.


Stripes at Play

Stripes at Play

Going Out Stripes

Are y’all going out, tonight?  If you are, try an all black outfit – especially one that incorporates that striped shirt we are loving this week.

An all black outfit is pretty timeless and usually quite dramatic.  If you don’t look good in black, then this is not the look for you. (Sorry about that).

Where to Wear?

Wear this on a date, to a concert, drinks with friends, and anywhere where the look is less than conservative.

Investment Pieces

The shirt, jacket, watch, and sunglasses are investment pieces that would be stylish for years.  I love the purse, and it too is an investment piece.

I’m not sure about the boots…I’ll let y’all decide about those.


I was facetiming (is that even a word) with my 26-year-old daughter last Saturday night at around 9:30 p.m. as she was getting ready to go out.  I can certainly see someone her age wearing the outfit above and rocking it!!  Someone my age…probably not so much – we’d look like we were trying too hard, right?

Do all of you young ladies start your week-end evenings so late?  Really??  Well, have fun, then, and as always, don’t overdo it!!


Snow Boots

Snow Boots

What do you pack for a week-end at a snowy location?  An essential piece is your footwear.  Choose the snow  boots, and then work the outfits around them.

I know, it sounds silly.  But…whatever, when it comes to snow dressing, we have to start somewhere, right?

It’s snow, so try and do your best in looking great and staying warm.  The important part, of course is to stay warm.  (You thought I was going to say that the important part was looking great, didn’t you?) 🙂

Enjoy the warm and great-looking outfits below.

Where to Wear

Wear snow boots anywhere where there is snow, of course.  If you don’t have snow where you live, then wear your snow boots, anyway.  Who’s to say you should only wear these boots in the snow?  Not me…I won’t say a word.

The outfits above can be worn shopping, to dinner, to the movies, lounging around the house, etc.  Wear them to any of your casual events.  Especially in the snowy parts of the world.

Investment Piece

Snow boots.  Now is a great time to buy those snow boots because the winter is almost over and those babies are probably on sale. (Although, I haven’t checked, so sorry).


At our lake house in northern Michigan, I have a pair of boy snow boots that I purchased about 7 years ago.  They are not exactly stylish, but I can tell you that I have worn them over and over again. In fact, I wore them this morning on our long hike through the snowy woods.

Stay warm and toasty as you play in winter’s last snow, my friends.

Rainy Day Errands

Rainy Day Errands


You wake up on a Saturday morning and it’s raining outside.  First instinct is to stay in bed as long as you can – why not, right?  But then, you realize, you have a few errands to run.

If, on a rainy day, you must get out and about, at least you can feel better by dressing cute and appropriate for the weather.

What to Wear

If it is cool outside, choose an outfit similar to the one shown above.  A pair of skinny jeans, a warm, comfy sweater, a scarf, your casual raincoat, certainly an umbrella, and preferably a tote that can handle the rain and not get ruined.

This is also the perfect day to test out that dry shampoo you bought last time you were at the drug store.  Twirl your hair up in a bun or fun, messy, easy updo, and you are ready.

Now, go tackle those errands and when you get back home, treat yourself to a nice cup of hot chocolate – you deserve it!!

Investment Pieces:

Rain boots, pearl earings, nice umbrella, tote bag.


Teacher Looks – Curriculum Night

Teacher Looks - Curriculum Night

Dresses and Shoes

Here is another affordable dress look for teachers.  Dresses are easy, look put-together and professional.  Choose the styles you love and are flattering to your body shape and size.

It’s probably best to wear low-heeled shoes.  These open toe ones are so cute, and would be perfect, assuming open-toed shoes are appropriate at your school.  If they are not, then not so perfect.


Yes, you must have one.  This red one is such a beautiful color – at least it is in the pictures.  I wonder if it is as beautiful in person?

Hope y’all had a terrific day.  Mine was fine, if a bit tiring…thanks for asking.  🙂

Full Skirt

Full Skirt

The Full Skirt

The full skirt makes me want to be taller.  Can us petite women wear full skirts?  Probably, but every time I put on a skirt like the one shown above, I feel “huge.”  Not exactly the desired feeling we seek in our outfits.

The look above is beautiful, though.  I love how the stripes of the skirt turn to flowers.  With a full skirt, you probably want to wear a shorter top or tuck in a longer one.  The idea is to define your waist.  Adding a belt may be fun, too.

Where to Wear

I was somewhat stumped in deciding where to wear this outfit.  One the one hand, I was thinking you could wear this just about anywhere, and on the other hand, I thought, could you wear this anywhere?  Dilemma – really not an ideal way in which to start your day, I wouldn’t recommend it.  Maybe y’all could make this decision for me – I will be working on budgets at work today, so I need all this “decision-making energy” to go towards that.  Sorry to leave this on you, but I do appreciate the help. 🙂

Aren’t those earings and bag a terrific color?  I love the watch, too.

Happy Thursday, after making the tough decision about where to wear this outfit, I hope the rest of your day is as decision-free as possible.  Have a great one!!