Work Wear – Sweaters

Sweaters that Work

Sometimes, you just want to wear a sweater to work.  Most offices are really cold, and wearing a sweater just feels nice, doesn’t it?

Where to Wear?

Obviously, you can wear these type of looks to work.  However, most can also be worn to dinner, brunch, church, parties (probably the boring, stuffy ones), and any other occasion where the dress is conservative.

Investment Pieces

Probably the sweaters in this post would not be considered an investment piece, but the rest of the items in each of the sets, certainly could.


It has been one of those weeks where negativity was thrown at me from all angles – work, home, friends, etc.  We do not like those weeks, people.

Have you had weeks like that?  How, I ask, is the best way to handle such things? 

I am not an expert, certainly, and probably handled the week poorly.  I do know, however, that to first accept things as they are is the first step.  Then, you can look at what is in your control and what can be done.  Lastly, take some action.  Action moves us forward and puts more energy into doing than it does on dwelling.  And we all know “doing energy” is much more effective than “dwelling energy.” Right?

Hopefully, this coming week will be a good one for all of you. 

Fondly,  Sonya