Let’s Grab a Drink

Let's Grab a Drink

Summer Date

Are summer dates more fun than winter dates?  If so, then what makes summer dates more fun?  Could it be that we get to show more skin?  Or is it simply the ambiance of a dimly lit rooftop, sitting close enough to see his baby blues, sipping on something cool and feeling his hand lightly brush against your bear leg?  Possibly…but my thought is that they are more fun because we get to wear our new yellow sandals.  What’s not fun about these babies?

Where to Wear

Wear this look to most summer casual events.  Wear it shopping, brunch with friends, to the movies, etc.

Investment Pieces

The black tank, the sandals (if yellow is one of your wardrobe colors), the purse, watch and necklace.  For the perfume, choose your own…we each have our individual preferences, as we should. 🙂


How do y’all feel about wearing shorts?  I don’t wear them often, anymore.  However, when I was younger, I would most certainly wear an outfit like the one shown above.  The looser fitting shorts, like the ones above, were easier for me to wear.  On my frame, they were more flattering and a bit more conservative looking. 

Be careful with shorts, though, sometimes they can be too short or too tight.  It is OK to wear them this way, of course, just be wise when making these choices.  Yes…you are very wise, so I know that you will not wear shorts inappropriately! 

Happy Saturday!