Casual Friday Jeans 4

Casual Friday Jeans

Casual Friday Look 4

Are you beginning to see that all you need for casual Friday’s is one pair of  conservative styled, great fitting pair of jeans?  With that one pair, you can create multiple looks, both in style and color to create variety and interest.

This look takes basic black – in the jeans and striped shirt, and ads camel toned accessories to give it a more interesting, put together look.  What do you think?

If your look and style is not as conservative as this, no worries.  What I am attempting to show you is the “idea” of how to put together an office-friendly Friday casual look.  If you are still having problems, let me know and I can see what we can do for you.

The last casual Friday look will be tomorrow.  By now, you are either glad that these posts are almost over, or you can’t wait to see the exciting, interesting look I have to show you.  Either way, see you tomorrow and Happy Thursday!


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