Sleep Wear


Sleep Wear

Let’s talk about what you wear to bed, why don’t we?  So…what do you wear to bed?  Do you wear clothes that were meant to be pajamas, or are you trowing on any old thing and calling that your PJ’s?

How about if we all agree that, starting tonight, we will only wear to bed those clothes that are actually meant to be worn to bed.  In other words, if you do not own a real set of pajamas, you know what your project today will be, right?  Don’t you love when strangers give you projects?

Seriously, though, why not put some thought into what you wear to bed.

Where to Wear?

Zzzzzz…wear these PJ’s to catch some of those zzzzz’s.

Investment Pieces

All of these are investment pieces.  That cashmere robe looks so soft and comfortable.


I for one, do wear sleep wear for sleeping. 

As I have been cleaning out my closet during the last few weeks, I have noticed that my sleep wear needs a major overhaul. What I have noticed, also, is that the items that I wear most frequently are getting worn out.

So, I am convincing myself, I need to purchase some new pajamas and sleep wear.  In addition, I would really love a cashmere robe similar to the one shown above. 

In the past, I’ve simply purchased my sleep items at either Marshall’s, The Gap, or Target.  This time around, however, I think I will look for some that are of a nicer quality.  I know you cannot wait to hear what I will purchase, so I will gladly share with you when I do that.

For now, sweet dreams y’all.  Fondly, Sonya


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