Lounge Around

Lounge Around


Today’s look is all about comfort.  What do you wear when you want to be comfortable?  Does it look like the outfit shown above, or is your lounging wear a bit more “worn?”

Keep in mind, just because no one sees you, generally, when you are lounging, it does not mean that you should be wearing ratty, old, smelly clothes with holes in them.

Why not look your best even when lounging around the house?  Respect yourself enough to look presentable at all times, even during those times when you are alone.

Where to Wear?

Lounging around. 🙂

Investment Pieces

All of them – we all need presentable, comfy clothes in which to lounge.


I do follow my own rules when it come to lounging.  When I am home alone and just want to lounge around and relax, I will wear an outfit similar to the one shown.  Even while lounging, I respect myself enough to dress presentably.  Why shouldn’t I? 

Happy lounging my lovely friends.  Fondly, Sonya


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