Wardrobe Basics – Black Flats

Work Week - Casual Friday

Black Flats

Yes, we should all have a pair.  Choose a pair that is comfortable, compliments your feet, and just looks good.  Black flats are available from most designers and most non-designers.  Choose a pair that fits your budget and looks expensive.

Where to Wear?

Wear this look on casual Friday at work, wear it to brunch, lunch, dinner.  Wear it to church, meeting parents, visiting those who are in the hospital – that bright skirt will liven up any drab, sad environment.

This is a very casual, conservative look and can be worn most places.


The black flats are an investment piece, for sure.  If orange is your color, than the skirt would be a nice addition to your wardrobe.  That shirt is so easy to wear with just about anything, it certainly could qualify as an investment.  Of course the purse, watch and earings are investments, too.


The bright orange skirt looks beautiful paired with the basic colors of black and white.  It gets to shine, without glaring, don’t you think?

Do y’all own a bright skirt?  With what color do you pair it?

Have a wonderful day.  Fondly, Sonya


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