Saturday Brunch

Saturday Brunch


For your next Saturday brunch, why not wear a casual dress.

If you don’t have a pair of nude flats, this is the perfect time to shop for some.  Nude flats can be worn with just about any color.

I threw the scarf in for warmth.  It is spring, after all, and the temperatures are still a bit unpredictable.  (We love that about spring, don’t we?)  Use the scarf as a shawl.  If you get cold, just wrap it around your shoulders and arms.

Of course, if it is still pretty chilly where you live, then go ahead and add a light jacket or cardigan to this look.  Don’t worry – it won’t ruin it.

Where to Wear?

Wear this outfit to brunch, wear it to work on casual Friday, to a casual dinner, to the movies, to have coffee with friends, shopping, etc.  This is a pretty versatile look that can be worn just about anywhere.

Investment Pieces

The dress can be an investment if green is your color and this style works for your body type.  The pumps are an investment – you will wear these often.  The purse, the scarf, and possibly the belt are all investment pieces as well.


I will be heading to college, today, for a brunch with my daughter and her friends and their families.  It is mom’s week-end at her school. 

For those of you who have college-aged children, don’t you find that each time you go and visit them at school, you leave with a few less dollars in your wallet? 

For those of you who are in college, don’t worry about this.  You keep doing your thing – you know, studying, studying and studying.  (Yes, a subtle reminder as to why you are in college.) 🙂

Happy mom’s week-end, my friends.

Fondly, Sonya


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