Saturday Errands

Saturday Errands

Saturday Errands

Yes, you have them – all those Saturday to-do’s.  Let’s not overthink our look, today, since we have so much to do.

Throw on those comfortable, ripped boyfriend jeans, add a basic tee, some comfortable flats, grab your tote and start your day of errands.

Where to Wear?

Wear this look today, as you check off all of those to-do’s on your list.  Wear it to any casual event, wear it around the house, shopping, the movies, etc.

Investment Pieces

Let’s categorize all of these items as investments, why don’t we?


Today, I will be continuing my tidying process by going through all of my shirts, sweaters, etc., to see which I want to keep and which I no longer love.  Good times…

Happy Saturday everyone.


Casual Friday Jeans 5

Casual Friday Jeans

Casual Friday Look 5

Our last look for casual Friday.  This time we are working with burgundy and cream tones.  Just as in our previous look with flats, we’ve added a blazer to make the look more professional and put-together.

What do you think of this look?  Do you like those flats?

As you can see from this week’s posts, with one pair of great fitting, conservatively styled jeans, you can create many weeks of casual Fridays.  We just went through five weeks of casual Fridays – wow how time flies.

Happy Friday y’all.  Have a wonderful day.  As always, be safe as you head to happy hour tonight.

Casual Friday Jeans 4

Casual Friday Jeans

Casual Friday Look 4

Are you beginning to see that all you need for casual Friday’s is one pair of  conservative styled, great fitting pair of jeans?  With that one pair, you can create multiple looks, both in style and color to create variety and interest.

This look takes basic black – in the jeans and striped shirt, and ads camel toned accessories to give it a more interesting, put together look.  What do you think?

If your look and style is not as conservative as this, no worries.  What I am attempting to show you is the “idea” of how to put together an office-friendly Friday casual look.  If you are still having problems, let me know and I can see what we can do for you.

The last casual Friday look will be tomorrow.  By now, you are either glad that these posts are almost over, or you can’t wait to see the exciting, interesting look I have to show you.  Either way, see you tomorrow and Happy Thursday!

Casual Friday Jeans 3

Casual Friday Jeans

Casual Jeans Outfit 3

A whole new color palette, today, with our jeans.  This time we are embracing spring and all of its vibrant colors.

For this outfit, we simply chose a blouse, added some fun low heel pumps and coordinated our jewelry.  An easy look to put together.

What do y’all think of this look?  Don’t you think that it has a whole different “vibe” than the previous two jeans outfits?  Can you begin to see that you need only one pair of jeans to take you through many casual Fridays?

Casual Friday Jeans 2

Casual Friday Jeans

Casual Friday Look 2

This time, we have changed the color palette and paired the jeans with a white tee, a blazer and flats.  We all probably have these items in our closet, right?

Adding the tee and flats makes this outfit look a bit more casual than yesterday’s look.  The blazer and structured purse balance the look to make it more work appropriate.

Happy work day everyone.

Casual Friday Jeans

Casual Friday Jeans

Jeans on Fridays

Do you have casual Fridays where you work?  What do you usually wear on casual Friday?  Do you wear jeans?

Let’s say you answered yes to all of the questions above.  (I know, too many questions on a Monday morning – sorry about that.)  So, let’s discuss those jeans that you wear on casual Friday.

If you work in a conservative office environment, then your casual Friday jeans should be relatively conservative as well.  Choose a pair that is darker in color, preferably a pair that is tailored to fit you perfectly.

Yes, ladies, have your jeans altered so that they are a perfect fit for your body.  If you do this, then regardless of what you wear (up to a point, of course) with your jeans, you will look put together and professional, even on casual Friday.

I am not suggesting that you have all of your jeans altered to wear on casual Friday.  Simply pick one pair and try it out.

So this week, let us pretend that it is casual Friday all week.  I will show you, that with one pair of terrific fitting jeans, you can put together many different looks. Enjoy my casual Friday looks.

Where to Wear

In addition to casual Friday, wear this look to dinner, brunch, to the movies, to many places and events where jeans are appropriate.


The jeans, of course, the shoes and bag would be investment pieces and the jewelry, if this is your style and color.


Good luck ladies in finding that great pair of jeans and then having them altered to fit you perfectly.

Happy Fridays.   Fondly, Sonya


Sleep Wear


Sleep Wear

Let’s talk about what you wear to bed, why don’t we?  So…what do you wear to bed?  Do you wear clothes that were meant to be pajamas, or are you trowing on any old thing and calling that your PJ’s?

How about if we all agree that, starting tonight, we will only wear to bed those clothes that are actually meant to be worn to bed.  In other words, if you do not own a real set of pajamas, you know what your project today will be, right?  Don’t you love when strangers give you projects?

Seriously, though, why not put some thought into what you wear to bed.

Where to Wear?

Zzzzzz…wear these PJ’s to catch some of those zzzzz’s.

Investment Pieces

All of these are investment pieces.  That cashmere robe looks so soft and comfortable.


I for one, do wear sleep wear for sleeping. 

As I have been cleaning out my closet during the last few weeks, I have noticed that my sleep wear needs a major overhaul. What I have noticed, also, is that the items that I wear most frequently are getting worn out.

So, I am convincing myself, I need to purchase some new pajamas and sleep wear.  In addition, I would really love a cashmere robe similar to the one shown above. 

In the past, I’ve simply purchased my sleep items at either Marshall’s, The Gap, or Target.  This time around, however, I think I will look for some that are of a nicer quality.  I know you cannot wait to hear what I will purchase, so I will gladly share with you when I do that.

For now, sweet dreams y’all.  Fondly, Sonya