College Spring Capsule

College Spring Capsule

College Spring Capsule

Well, we have come full circle.  I started my capsule college wardrobe last summer when my daughter stayed at school to work and take classes during the summer.

She was complaining how she had nothing to wear and I thought…”oh, a capsule wardrobe is perfect for college life,” so I created a summer capsule for her.  (On paper, anyway…she didn’t really adopt my amazing capsule idea.)

After the summer, I decided to take the “series” into fall and then into winter.  The idea was to use many of the same clothes, interchanging a few here and there to fit the season.

If you want to see the college capsules for the other seasons, in the archives section to the right, look at August, 2015, for the summer capsule, October 2015, for the fall capsule and January 2016, for the winter capsule.

I would tell you to click here, and then link you to them, however, I do not know how to do that yet.  (If y’all know how to do this, feel free to share with  me.  I love learning all of these helpful wordpress features.)

So we come to the end of the series.  For spring, we are using the same clothes we have used in the past season’s wardrobe and incorporated them a bit differently to accommodate the temperatures in Spring.

During the next 4 days, I will take items from this capsule and create outfits.  You will be able to see how, again, as in the other seasons, a few clothes can create multiple outfits.

If going off to college, maybe you want to start with a fall capsule, depending on where your college is located.  If August / September are still warm months, like they are here in Texas, then maybe you want to start with a summer capsule, first.

I describe the process of creating a capsule wardrobe in the summer capsule post (Aug, 2015), so if you want to read about how to do this, check out that post.

My belief still holds true…a capsule wardrobe is ideal for college life.

Let me know if you agree and if you are going to try it.  My daughter has one more year of college left and I will, once again, try to convince her that this is the way to go.  Wish me luck!!

Fondly, Sonya






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