Spring – Time Brunch

Easter Brunch


All of you do not celebrate Easter, and that is perfectly fine.  Religious beliefs, spirituality, those are all things that we decide for ourselves.

If, however, you do have some brunch plans today that require a bit of dressing up, why not try the two looks above.

I created a look that could be worn by a mom and one that could be worn by, possibly, an older daughter.  (I have three daughters, and I had them in mind when putting together the look on the right, although, they are not as conservative as I am, so if asked, they may say “no way would I wear that”.)

Where to Wear?

Wear these two looks to Easter brunch or any more-dressy brunch.  The dress in the mom look, paired with a blazer can be worn to work.  Even the “daughter” dress can be worn to work.  Wear these looks to a spring wedding, or to any other dressy occasion – especially one where you will be photographed together.  Can you see how beautiful these colors would look together in a photo?

Investment Pieces

The dresses can be investment pieces if this color coordinates with the rest of your wardrobe.  The pumps are pretty neutral and can be worn with many outfits.  Ditto for the sandals as this style has been popular for a few years, now.

The two bags would qualify as would the watch, earings and pearl necklace.  My daughters would love the Tory Burch earings, so for them, those would be considered an investment piece, too.


I for one, will most likely not be wearing a dressy, dress this Easter Sunday.  My mother is visiting and my husband is out of town. 

My mom and I, along with my children, will prepare today’s meal and then sit down at my spring-themed table and enjoy some time together.

Although the outfit I wear today will not be as dressy as the ones above, I will wear a casual dress as I prepare for and share this Sunday’s meal with my family.

Have a wonderful, relaxing day my friends. 

Fondly, Sonya




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