Orange Blazer at Work

Orange Blazer at Work


Orange and blue work great together.  For this look, we are sticking with our neutrals as the base, in this case, shades of blue, and adding a bright orange blazer.

This blazer is very versatile and works with other colors, too, like brown, white, cream and probably even black (that may be a bit too Halloweenish).

Are you liking the shades of blue with the blazer?

Where to Wear?

To the office and all other conservative events and venues.

Investment Pieces

The blazer, if orange is one of your colors, would work as an investment piece.  The skirt, shoes, purse and jewelry would be an investment as well.  We can all decide on the blouse, individually.


I have been wanting an orange blazer for a long time but have been unable to find one that is the perfect shade and style.  I will continue my search.  Let me know if y’all see one that would be perfect and I will do the same for you.  Helping each other is what friends do!!

Have a great day, today. 

Fondly, Sonya


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