White Tee at Work

White Tee at Work

What?  A Tee to Work?

Why not wear a tee shirt with a work outfit.  When I say tee shirt, of course I mean a nice one – not the one you slept in or lounged in or cleaned the house in last Saturday.

Seriously, tee shirts are made so well and some are so expensive, why not wear them to work under your blazers?  It is a more casual, business look, but still works, right?

Bright blazers do not have to be a solid color, they can certainly have a print, like the one shown above.  I think this blazer is saying…”look at me, here I am, I may be loud, but look closer, I have a tee on underneath so there is more to me than meets the eye, you may want to get to know me a little better.”  Some blazers are so deep.

Where to Wear?

Wear this to work, to dinner, to drinks with friends, to a business party, to the theater, etc.  Could you wear this traveling?  Probably – why not?

Investment Pieces

All of these pieces would qualify as such, including the blazer if it has all of your wardrobe colors and you have many bottoms with which it would coordinate.


I have been running around (and when I say running, obviously I mean walking) our building, today, trying to locate assets.  Yes, I am counting our fixed asset inventory.  You are so smart to guess that.

For these type of projects and for others that require a lot of walking – like over 10,000 steps kind of walking, I recommend the shorter heels shown.  In addition, you may want to keep a pair of flats in your office for those other mega step days. 

Have a wonderful day my friends!! Happy walking and counting. 

Fondly,  Sonya



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