Power at Work

Power at Work


What makes you feel powerful at work?  By powerful, I don’t mean that you go around bossing everyone around.  Hint…no one likes that.  What I mean, when wearing what, do you feel the most confident at your job?

For me, wearing a blazer, pencil skirt and heels makes me feel at my best and most confident.  A blazer, in particular, is one of my “power” uniform pieces at the office.

This week, we will look at blazers that are colorful and fun.  Yes, blazers do not have to be dark and boring to be powerful and fun.  When wearing a “fun” blazer, make the rest of your outfit neutral and let the blazer have its moment.  Don’t you think that blazers deserve that?  I certainly do.

Where to Wear?

Well, obviously, wear this outfit to the office.  In addition, this look can be worn to any conservative type of event or occasion.

Investment Pieces

All of the pieces in this outfit are investment pieces, including the yellow blazer (assuming, of course that yellow is one of your wardrobe colors).


It is the start of yet another week at work.  Are you ready for it with your wardrobe?  Have you chosen all of the “power” outfits that you will wear this week?  You haven’t…why not?  Let us not delay any longer…stop reading my blog (I know, it is hard to tear yourself away, lol), go to your closet and pick out everything that you will wear to work for the next four days.

In choosing the items to wear this week, make sure they are clean and pressed.  You do not want to wear dirty or wrinkled clothes to work.  (Please do not ask me, why not?)

I promise that if you do this, each morning this week when you are getting ready you will stop and think…”thank you Sonya for the terrific suggestion, because getting ready for work this morning was easy and fast.”  And, as an added bonus, you will probably be on time.  For that, you may thank me another day.

Have a great week my friends,

Fondly,  Sonya




2 thoughts on “Power at Work

  1. Thank you for posting this Sonya. The blog was a fun read. I completely agree that how I dress for the workday affects how I feel. Around the office I have been known for wearing the most colorful blazers, because I too am a fan of a neutral base with a pop of color. It also helps you stand out at the office when you are trying to get your work noticed. Your term “power” outfits made me want to go lay out my selection for the week!


    • Thank you so much for your comment, Annaliese. I think you should continue wearing your colorful blazers to work. I hadn’t thought about wearing a pop of color to make ones work stand out, too – that’s a terrific idea. Believe me, laying out your selections for the week makes the morning routine so much faster. 🙂 I plan on devoting this entire week to neutral outfits with a colorful blazer. Let me know which ones you like best.


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