Peep Toe Fun

Peep Toe Fun

Peep-Toe Shoes

Do you love them, or hate them?  Maybe you do not care either way.  When wearing peep-toe shoes it is important to remember what?  Yes, of course, you are so bright…remember to get a pedicure, first.

This is a fun outfit.  Do you wear tulle skirts?

Where to Wear?

Wear this outfit anywhere that is “fun” like a Sunday brunch, maybe.  Wear it to any “girly” type of events, maybe a wedding or baby shower; wear it to a fashion show.

I cannot imagine wearing a tulle skirt, so I am struggling on where to wear this type of look.  Maybe y’all can help me?  Thank you in advance.

Investment Pieces

Yes, even in this awesome outfit, there are investment pieces.  The tank (who doesn’t need a white tank), the jacket, the clutch, all of the jewelry, and even the nail color could all be investment pieces.

These lace-up booties are interesting, for sure.  If you can style them with other outfits, then these may be a short-term investment piece, too.

What is a short-term investment piece, you ask?  You know, it is a piece of clothing, footwear or jewelry that you can wear for a few seasons, but probably not for years.  I said probably, because there are always exceptions, right?


This was a fun outfit to put together even if I don’t know where to wear it.  Maybe I will buy a tulle skirt and just wear it around the house, doing laundry or something.  Why not?  Can you see yourself on a Sunday wearing this skirt, putting on some lively loud music and ironing?  I know…good times. lol

Today is my youngest daughter’s 16th birthday, so we will be celebrating that all day!!

Happy Birthday my darling Kate!! 

Have a fun and restful Sunday, y’all!


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