Take Me Out

Take Me Out


How often do you match your clothes to your lipstick?  No, not your lipstick to your clothes, but the other way around.

Have you taken a lip color and then put an outfit together to match it?  Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever done this, either.  But it could be interesting, right?

In the outfit above, that is exactly what I tried.  Taking a beautiful, and bright, pink lipstick, I worked the outfit around it.  What do you think, good idea?

How about coordinating your earings with your purse?  Again, it could be fun.

Seriously, though, let us not take this post too seriously…we are just trying to add a little fun in getting dressed, today.

Where to Wear?

I know it is Friday, but even for a casual Friday at work, I don’t recommend wearing torn jeans to most offices.  There are exceptions, of course.

Wear this look on a Friday night, having drinks or dinner with friends, to a concert, sure, wear it to brunch, to a creative office environment where there is no dress code, to a professional basketball game, and anywhere else that is not conservative in nature.

Investment Pieces

Of course the watch (love and own this one), perhaps the bag and earings if these colors work with the rest of your wardrobe.


The watch shown here by Shinola is one that I own and love.  (No, I am not receiving any compensation for saying that…I’m just in love with the watch.  Can a person be in love with on inanimate object?)

Have a wonderful day, my friends.  Enjoy the rest of your week end.  As always, have fun and be safe!



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