Ruffles at Work and Play

Ruffles at Work and Play

One Dress – Two Ways

We are continuing our ruffles theme this week with a ruffled dress, this time.

This is a beautiful (and expensive) dress from Victoria Beckham.  What do you think about the two ways it is styled, above?

If you are going to invest that much money on one dress, my thought is that you should have multiple ways in which you could style it.

To make a dress work for work (yes, I meant to say that), simply add a blazer, closed toed pumps, conservative jewelry and a tote or satchel.

Then, for dinner, or an evening look, take off the blazer, add some fun, strappy (no, “strappy” is not really a word, but it should be, – it means, shoes with straps) shoes, change out your jewelry to something more bold, big and bouncy (I’m not sure what I mean by bouncy jewelry – I needed another B word and couldn’t think of a better one), and lastly, add an interesting clutch

Where to Wear?

The first look can be worn to work, to Easter brunch, on Mother’s Day, to the theater, to a work dinner, to any number of conservative occasions or events.

The second look can be worn to Easter brunch and Mother’s Day brunch, too,  to a fancy dinner, to the opera, to a cocktail party, to a baby’s christening, and to many other “dressy” events or occasions. Let your imagination soar…

Investment Pieces

As I look at all of the items in this post, I can see how each and every one of them could be an investment piece, except maybe the “strappy” heels.  Although, you could argue that “strappy” heels have been popular for a few years now.  I know…it’s not nice to argue…in this case, we are just having a discussion, right?  How about if you decide on the “strappy” heels for yourselves?  A win-win sort of thing.


What do y’all think about making a few changes to an outfit and taking it from one type of event, like work, to another, like dinner?

I have been using this “strategy” for a long time and it has worked pretty well. 

Are you tired of ruffles, yet, or may I post one more day that’s ruffled themed?  I may…well, thanks y’all, that’s one of the reasons I like you so much – you are so agreeable.

See you tomorrow with our last ruffled theme outfit of the week.  I know, you can hardly contain yourselves.  🙂


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