Ruffled Blouses for Work

Ruffled Blouse for Work


Do your wear ruffles?  Pictured are some ruffled blouses perfect for Spring.

Where to Wear?

Wear ruffled blouses anywhere, really.  Depending on the “bottoms,” these blouses can be dressed up, under a blazer for work, dressed down with a pair of jeans, and so on.

Investment Pieces

Any one of these blouses can be an investment piece – assuming you love to wear ruffles and these coordinate with the other items in your wardrobe.


I’ve not been a fan of ruffles, but do like how soft and feminine they can be.  I’d wear the blouses above, though.  I can see pairing them with a pencil skirt for work, or even wearing them with jeans and heels for a casual, dressy look.

What are your thoughts about ruffles?  I have a few more ruffled looks to show you this week.  I know, I know…you can’t wait.  🙂


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