Stripes at Brunch

Stripes at Brunch

Casual Stripes

Here is that striped shirt, one last time (I promise) worn in a more casual outfit.  How do y’all think about mixing stripes and florals or other patterns?  I think it works in this outfit…the black and white of the stripes are the same shades of black and white in the skirt.

Or maybe, it doesn’t work…what do y’all think?

Where to Wear?

Wow, the options as to where this can be worn are so numerous, I don’t even know where to start.  Wear it to brunch, today, of course, wear it to work, to dinner, to a play, to church, to those parent-teacher conferences, to meet your boyfriends parents, and on and on.

Investment Pieces

With the exception of that floral skirt, I love all of these as investment pieces.

If the colors of the skirt, however, coordinate with the rest of the colors in your wardrobe, then that too, can become an investment piece.  I can see wearing this skirt with a plain white tee in the summer, a dressy white blouse, perhaps a fun red top…you decide.


This outfit looks so comfortable to wear.  (At least it does in the “picture” form.)

Do y’all wear stripes and florals, together?  They can be tricky to pull off and I can see those less than creative women telling you that this doesn’t “match.”  You can politely smile and say…”that’s exactly the idea.”

Have a fun and relaxing day, ladies (and gentlemen).




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