Stripes at Work

Stripes at Work


What’s not to love about stripes, right?  Because Paris fashion week is still going on, let’s talk stripes this week.  Do you wear them?  How do you wear them?  Do you think the horizontal ones make you look larger than you are?

Where to Wear?

Obviously, this is a work outfit, so wear it to that conservative office.  In addition, this can be worn to brunch, to church, to your daughter’s piano recital (you know…the ones where you have to gently elbow your husband to wake him up.)

Also, take off the blazer and wear it on a dinner date.  There are many places that this type of outfit can be worn.  It is pretty conservative, thus the options are extensive.

Investment Pieces

With the exception of that pom-pom on the purse, every item in this outfit is an investment piece.  All of the pieces can be mixed with other items in your closet to create a wide range of outfits.


I think I’ll use that striped top, again, this week and show you how versatile it can be. 

As I look at this outfit, I realize that I need more stripes in my work wardrobe.  How about y’all, do you wear a lot of stripes? 

French women wear stripes often, and they are considered quite fashionable.  Non-French ladies, let’s add more stripes to our wardrobes, why don’t we?

Although I am not at my office this week, I am thinking about all of you who are working.  Happy Tuesday my friends!!


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