Snow Boots

Snow Boots

What do you pack for a week-end at a snowy location?  An essential piece is your footwear.  Choose the snow  boots, and then work the outfits around them.

I know, it sounds silly.  But…whatever, when it comes to snow dressing, we have to start somewhere, right?

It’s snow, so try and do your best in looking great and staying warm.  The important part, of course is to stay warm.  (You thought I was going to say that the important part was looking great, didn’t you?) 🙂

Enjoy the warm and great-looking outfits below.

Where to Wear

Wear snow boots anywhere where there is snow, of course.  If you don’t have snow where you live, then wear your snow boots, anyway.  Who’s to say you should only wear these boots in the snow?  Not me…I won’t say a word.

The outfits above can be worn shopping, to dinner, to the movies, lounging around the house, etc.  Wear them to any of your casual events.  Especially in the snowy parts of the world.

Investment Piece

Snow boots.  Now is a great time to buy those snow boots because the winter is almost over and those babies are probably on sale. (Although, I haven’t checked, so sorry).


At our lake house in northern Michigan, I have a pair of boy snow boots that I purchased about 7 years ago.  They are not exactly stylish, but I can tell you that I have worn them over and over again. In fact, I wore them this morning on our long hike through the snowy woods.

Stay warm and toasty as you play in winter’s last snow, my friends.

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