Capsule Wardrobe – Spring Break

Spring Break

When packing for spring break, or for any vacation, why not pack a capsule wardrobe.  Pack items that will work beautifully together and are interchangeable so that you can get multiple outfits out of fewer clothes.

I’ve included some suggestions / ideas above and below.

Many of us (especially those of us who live in north Texas) will be heading out of town this week for spring break.

Where will your travels take you…the beach, the mountains, to foreign lands?

Sitting with our 15-year old daughter, Kate, last night at dinner, the conversation turned to spring break.  She was telling us some of the places to which her friends will be heading this week.  Places like Paris, the Bahamas, Italy, etc.  “Wow, I responded, those are some big, fancy trips.”

Indeed…our spring break travels are not so fancy…we are headed to chilly, and still-snow-on-the-ground northern Michigan. Why you ask?  Honestly, I don’t know. LOL

Safe travels my friends.  Have a restful, fun, spring break week.


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