Cocktail Party

Cocktail Party

Cocktail Party – Slip Dress

When is the last time you’ve been to a cocktail party?  It has been a while for me.  Perhaps hosting a cocktail party may be fun.

For you next cocktail party, why not try wearing a slip dress.

Where to Wear?

Obviously, the outfit above can be worn to a cocktail party.  You can also wear this type of look on a dinner date, a wedding shower, a fancier brunch, etc.  Wear this look to events that require a more dressier vibe, or just surprise your boyfriend or husband and wear it on a random Saturday night out. 🙂

Investment Pieces

The jewelry and bag are investment pieces that will coordinate with most all of your outfits.  You will, no doubt, get a lot of use out of these.

If you don’t already have a pair of black pumps, then why not?  🙂  I love these because they would look just as great with work wear or jeans.

The coat can be an investment piece.  The color is beautiful and certainly versatile.

I wouldn’t invest a lot of money on the slip dress.  The one above is beautiful, for sure, but I’m not sure how much use you would get from it.

What do y’all think about slip dresses?  I don’t have one.  I’m wondering if they are hard to wear? I think I’d struggle with the appropriate undergarments.  Of course, if you have a killer body and terrific (natural or otherwise) breasts, this slip-dress-look may be your thing.  Good for you!!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.  Have fun and be safe!



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