Work Week – Orange

Work Week - Orange


Orange is one of those colors that you either love or don’t, don’t you think?

If you love it, then wear it.  If you don’t, then be like me, and wear it sparingly and as an accent color.

Where to Wear?

The above outfit was designed with the work week in mind in my corporate environment.  You could, however, wear this to many other events.  Wear it to dinner, to brunch, to church, to the theater, to parent/teacher conferences, etc.

Investment Pieces

The jewelry, definitely!

The purse and shoes are a great style and color.

The pants and blazer, too, would make terrific investment pieces as well as the gorgeous scarf.

The coat is a bit bold and, for me, would not be an investment piece.  I loved it in this outfit, though. 🙂

The work week is almost over – hang in there…one more day to go.  You can do it!! You are a dedicated, intelligent, and loyal employee.  🙂


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