Work Week – Monochromatic

Work Week - Presentations



Seems simple, right, wearing one color?  It is, and it isn’t.  To do a monochromatic outfit justice, try adding different textures to the color you choose.  As shown above, the lace coat and the crocodile leather tote are a very different texture than the smoothness of the dress.

Also, throw in an accent color, as is shown in the belt and shoes, above.  This helps break up the color a bit and makes the outfit more interesting.

Texture and an accent color, in my opinion, add interest and character to a monochromatic look.  Personally, I’ve always been a fan of a monochromatic look.  What about y’all, do you like monochromatic looks?

Where to Wear?

This outfit is so beautiful, it can be worn to so many casual and even dressy events.  Certainly wear it to that conservative office.  Also, wear it on a dinner date, to the ballet, for a wedding or baby shower, or even a wedding.  Wear it to church, wear it on Easter, wear it where ever you choose – the choices are limitless.

Investment Pieces

The jewelry – watch, earings, necklace and ring would all qualify as investment pieces.

The shoes, bag and belt would all fall under this category.

The dress would also be one that can be worn for many years and still look appropriate and stylish.

As beautiful as the coat is, I probably would not choose it as my investment piece.  I had to add it to this outfit, because it looks so beautiful with the dress.

May your days be full of joy and sprinkled with color!! Have a great day, my friends.


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