Work Week – Conservative Work “Uniform”

Conservative Work Uniform


Work Uniform

What is a “work uniform?”  In simple terms, a work uniform is that which you wear to work on a daily basis.  This doesn’t mean that you wear the same clothes every day, but that you wear a certain “style” of clothes to work every day.

If you are a professional and work in a corporation or other type of business environment that is conservative, then your work uniform may look like that shown above. If you work in a less conservative environment, or in a more creative one, then your work “uniform” will look quite different.

If you haven’t thought about a work uniform, I encourage you to give it some thought and then come up with your own version of a work “uniform.”  Believe me, it will make getting dressed for work in the morning much easier.

Where to Wear?

Wear this look to work, to church, to a business lunch or dinner, a child’s concert  or play, an adult concert or play.  This look is so conservative, it can pretty much be worn to most events.

Investment Pieces

All of them…especially if you work in a conservative, corporate environment.

Have a productive, work week my friends!




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