Black Choker

Black Choker


What do y’all think about chokers?

Depending on the outfit worn with them, they can present a rough, romantic, classic, etc. vibe.  Really, they can be worn with just about any outfit, to just about any occasion.

Where to Wear?

The outfit above is casual, but dressy enough for many events such as a concert, a play, dinner date, night out with friends, brunch, and much more.

Throw on a blazer instead of the leather jacket, and it would work for casual Friday at a relatively conservative office environment.  If your office environment is more creative, this type of outfit may work any day of the week.


Ladies, when I present an outfit, I’m not really saying you should go out and blow your entire paycheck on one item, such as the purse above.  What I am presenting is simply a “look.”

The idea is for you to see how pieces can come together to form a cohesive, appropriate, classic and elegant look.  That’s the point of the posts, not to showcase expensive, designer items.

What I hope happens is that you get ideas, and then use those ideas to shop your closets, first, and put different pieces that you may already own, together, and see how it all looks and feels.

I know, you are now asking me, “why do you show us all these expensive pieces, then?”  Ok, good point, and that is certainly a valid question.  My answer:

IT’S FUN!! and

Sometimes those are the only pieces I can find that work with the colors of the outfit – I’m showing  and putting together “pictures” of outfits, not the real look of them.  In doing that, I am more limited in my choices.  As you experiment with the looks, change things up if they don’t look great in “real life.”  Pictures are just that – pretty visuals!

Investment Pieces:

With the exception of the choker, all of the other pieces in this outfit can be classified as investment pieces, not because of their price tag, but because of the amount of use that you can get out of them as you coordinate them with the other items of your wardrobes.




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