Cable Knit

Romwe Cable Knit

Cable Knit

The cable knit sweater has been around forever, hasn’t it?  Do y’all own one?

I think of it as a classic piece.  It can be styled in so many different ways.  As shown above, very, very casual, pair it with a pair of skinny jeans for a casual look, wear it over a dress of skirt for a more dressed-up look and so on.

Although it can be dressed-up, I do think of the cable knit sweater as a casual piece.

Where to Wear?

The outfit above is super casual.  It can be worn lounging around the house, grocery shopping, a very casual family get-together, studying (if you are in school, yes, you should go do that now), coffee shop, etc.

Even in the most casual of office environments, I would not recommend wearing this type of outfit to work.  I’m not a fan of sweat pants (or leggings worn as pants) in the office environment.  I suppose I would wear this to the office on a Saturday – when the office is not officially opened.

Investment Pieces

The purse and watch, of course, would be investment pieces.  (I’m loving the color of the bag- and know that this would coordinate so well with other pieces in my wardrobe).

The sneakers are certainly a casual investment piece as is the cable knit sweater.

Even a pair of sweat pants could become an investment piece.  We all need something in which to lounge around the house.  Sweat pants are perfect for that activity-choose a pair that is comfortable, but still looks good on you.  (As comfortable as your boyfriend’s or husband’s sweat pants may be, I would suggest staying away from that look. :))

Happy lounging, my friends!!



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