Rainy Day Errands

Rainy Day Errands


You wake up on a Saturday morning and it’s raining outside.  First instinct is to stay in bed as long as you can – why not, right?  But then, you realize, you have a few errands to run.

If, on a rainy day, you must get out and about, at least you can feel better by dressing cute and appropriate for the weather.

What to Wear

If it is cool outside, choose an outfit similar to the one shown above.  A pair of skinny jeans, a warm, comfy sweater, a scarf, your casual raincoat, certainly an umbrella, and preferably a tote that can handle the rain and not get ruined.

This is also the perfect day to test out that dry shampoo you bought last time you were at the drug store.  Twirl your hair up in a bun or fun, messy, easy updo, and you are ready.

Now, go tackle those errands and when you get back home, treat yourself to a nice cup of hot chocolate – you deserve it!!

Investment Pieces:

Rain boots, pearl earings, nice umbrella, tote bag.



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