College Winter Capsule – 2015

College Capsule for Winter

The Capsule Concept

By now, you should be pretty “educated” on the concept of the college capsule wardrobe.  If you are not, go back and read the posts on the Summer College and Fall College capsule wardrobes.

Quickly, the idea is to have just a few interchangeable pieces in your closet at one time – pieces that all work together to create a cohesive wardrobe.  Pieces that you can mix and match to put together many outfits.

Adding to the Fall Capsule

For your winter college capsule wardrobe, keep many of your pieces from the fall and add a few more additional, warmer items.

For example, for winter, added items are the snow boots, mittens, warmer winter coat, warmer, thicker sweaters, etc.

In addition to the items above in the collection, it is assumed that you have tights, tanks and tees that can be layered under the sweaters, college sweatshirts and sorority wear.

Bellow let’s look at the combinations we can create with these pieces:


Just because you are in college and “just” going to class, it doesn’t mean you can not look “put-together.”  Don’t these two sweater outfits look so much nicer than that pair of sweatpants you slept in and a ratty old sweatshirt?
College Winter Capsule - Black Jeans
You may not wear a dress to class, but it is important that you have one “dressier” outfit in your capsule for those events that may require you to look a bit more polished.  Picture wearing the above dress outfit to a job interview for a summer internship.  Or just a nice brunch with your parents when they come up for that week-end visit.
These jean outfits look comfortable and put-together – what’s not to like?
Closets in college housing options are generally very small.  The idea of the capsule wardrobe is ideal for college settings.  Starting this concept and learning the fundamentals of a capsule wardrobe in college may help you later in life as you start your careers and families.  It can help you to create a cohesive, well put-together, well thought out wardrobe.