What to Wear – Black Friday

All day shopping

When it comes to shopping all day, such as on Black Friday, it is important to be comfortable.  That’s really the most important thing.  If you want to look “cute” and comfortable, well, that’s OK too.

Here are a few ideas on what to wear on the day after Thanksgiving.  Remember to start early, eat during the day (that’s always important), have a plan and consult that all important “list.”

Happy shopping y’all.  I think I will be doing most of my shopping on Friday sitting at home, on my computer at the kitchen table, drinking hot coffee and listening to classical music.  Personally, I don’t like crowds.

Enjoy the madness that is Black Friday!!!

Dream Lace Dress

Dream Lace Dress

Lace Dress

Why not pick up a lace dress for the upcoming holiday season.  This one is a bit bold and dramatic and incorporates much more than lace – like those “feathers” on the bottom.

This dress can be worn pretty much anywhere fancy – a fancy party, the opera, the theater, a gala, etc.  I suppose you could dress it down if you wanted to – but do you really want to?  I like this just the way it is – bold and fancy!!

Holiday Prep

Pull out your “holiday” clothes and inspect them, now, before the holidays hit full force.  Try everything on, repair or clean those items that need it, and perhaps do a little shopping to add to, or enhance that which you already own.  I need to take my own advise and do this too, don’t I?  Great…thanks for giving me something else to do this week-end.  lol – lots of love.

Have a great week-end everyone.

Teacher Looks – Tutoring

Teacher Looks - Tutoring

Cozy Sweater

I love this sweater – it looks so cozy and warm.  Can you wear a cozy sweater to work?  Of course you can.  Pair it with a cute dress, like the one shown above, add it to dress pants, or coordinate it with skirts and the sweater will take on that “appropriate” teacher look.  Just be sure the sweater is in good shape – by cozy I don’t mean 100 years old, ratty, and one that you wear to bed on those cold, cold nights.

Why not keep a cozy (well maintained) sweater in your classroom?  I would.