College Football

Girls Night Out

Girls Night Out

Last night, I went to dinner with my three girlfriends.  Our husbands are on a golf trip together, so we wives decided to meet for dinner and drinks.  We’ve all been married for many years, so when we get together there isn’t much talk about dating and sex.  Mostly we talk about our kids, except last night, talk of college football dominated the conversation.  I’m not much into football or any sport, really, so I just sat and listened.

In getting dressed for the evening, I tried numerous outfits and didn’t like any of them.  I felt bloated and fat – don’t you just hate that feeling?

I finally decided on an outfit similar to the one above.  My “wrap” was a bit less expensive than the one shown  (I couldn’t find a more reasonably priced option to show y’all that I liked with this outfit.)

Happy Sunday – hopefully, your college football team won, yesterday.  Mine did (from what I hear.) 🙂


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