Halloween Witch

Halloween Witch

Are you ready for Halloween?  At our work, we have an entire week of dress-up, leading to the 31st.  I cannot decide if I like “dressing-up” or not.  It can be fun, but honestly, it requires extra work, and who needs extra work, right?  During the holidays, don’t we all already have enough work?

Happy Haunting, everyone!!


Day to Night

InStyle magazine did a series of outfits called mild or wild.  They took one item of clothing and styled it both ways.  This is my interpretation of what they did.  My outfits are geared more to a day / work look and then a night / dinner look.  Enjoy, let me know which one you like the best.

Rainy Days

I like rain – or maybe the reason I like it is because, here in Texas, we don’t often get it.  Do y’all like rainy days?

Rain or shine, may today bring joy and happiness to y’all!!!  Happy Wednesday!!

Teacher Looks – Curriculum Night

Teacher Looks - Curriculum Night

Dresses and Shoes

Here is another affordable dress look for teachers.  Dresses are easy, look put-together and professional.  Choose the styles you love and are flattering to your body shape and size.

It’s probably best to wear low-heeled shoes.  These open toe ones are so cute, and would be perfect, assuming open-toed shoes are appropriate at your school.  If they are not, then not so perfect.


Yes, you must have one.  This red one is such a beautiful color – at least it is in the pictures.  I wonder if it is as beautiful in person?

Hope y’all had a terrific day.  Mine was fine, if a bit tiring…thanks for asking.  🙂

College Football

Girls Night Out

Girls Night Out

Last night, I went to dinner with my three girlfriends.  Our husbands are on a golf trip together, so we wives decided to meet for dinner and drinks.  We’ve all been married for many years, so when we get together there isn’t much talk about dating and sex.  Mostly we talk about our kids, except last night, talk of college football dominated the conversation.  I’m not much into football or any sport, really, so I just sat and listened.

In getting dressed for the evening, I tried numerous outfits and didn’t like any of them.  I felt bloated and fat – don’t you just hate that feeling?

I finally decided on an outfit similar to the one above.  My “wrap” was a bit less expensive than the one shown  (I couldn’t find a more reasonably priced option to show y’all that I liked with this outfit.)

Happy Sunday – hopefully, your college football team won, yesterday.  Mine did (from what I hear.) 🙂

Ease Into Fall

Fall 2015

It’s hard to believe that fall is already here.  I was just thinking how the holidays are just around the corner…I know, I know, a terrible thought with which to start the morning.  So sorry.

Let’s talk about something more pleasant, like, booties.  Booties are still quite doable this fall and winter and I for one, am glad.  The ones above are a great color and perfect for easing into fall (especially if you are in denial about it, like I am.)

Can you wear white jeans for fall – sure you can.  Why not, especially when paired with fall items like light sweaters, booties and a scarf.

Duster Jackets

How fun are duster jackets?  Do you have to be 6′ tall to wear them?

For fall, let’s all find that perfect pair of jeans.  I, for one, am on the hunt.  I may need to “bite-the-bullet” and buy a so-so pair and then have them altered.  😦  But, honestly, I’m pretty tired of having multiple jeans in my closet, but not one pair that I absolutely LOVE.


Week-end project:  Pull out all of your scarves and “analyze” them.  Do they need to be washed?  Are any of them damaged and cannot be repaired – throw these out? Are they the perfect colors to coordinate with your wardrobe? etc.

I know, you didn’t need another week-end project – but, really, this one is very important, don’t you think?

Cozy Long Sweater

We all need one…

Have a wonderful Monday and a productive week!  I will be going through year-end close – so a fun-filled week to be sure. lol