Work Week – Classy

Work Week - Year End Close

Put-Together and Prepared

When putting together a work outfit, (or any outfit, really) think about your day, first.  Will you be sitting in your office all day working on budgets (yes, that’s what my day will look like), will you be out and about observing, with whom will you meet, will it be hot, cold, etc.  Then, plan your outfit to fit your day.

I wear heels to work everyday – except the occasional casual Friday.  I just like the way they look with my outfits and I am able to walk in them all day.  I do keep a pair of flats in my office for those times when I am in a lab and heels are not appropriate or safe.

Is your office freezing cold, like mine?  Because of this, I have a gray Michael Kors sweater that I keep in my office all the time.  Usually, I wear a cardigan or blazer with my outfits, but on those days when I don’t, I know I have my sweater.

Putting a bit of thought and planning into your day, should help, at least logistically, to make things go smoother and less stressful.

Happy Wednesday, y’all!!  Find fun in your job today.  Even if you are working on budgets – come on, budgets can be fun…


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