Work Week – Soft-Pleat Dresses

Work Week - Soft-Pleat Dresses

Soft-Pleat Dress

Soft-Pleat dresses are so easy to wear to work. They look professional and are a bit forgiving, should you have indulged too much at dinner the night before.  I’m just saying, of course this has not ever happened to me. lol

Where to Wear

These two looks, as is true with many of the work looks I’ve put together, can be worn to numerous events and occasions.  Wear this type of look to church, dinner, a party, brunch, a symphony, a play, etc.  Really, anywhere where you need to be more dressed up.

As I look at these two outfits, I wonder if they are even appealing to the younger girls out there.  I don’t think my daughters (who are two of the younger girls out there) would wear these looks, but I am not sure.  Let’s ask them, why don’t we.

“Ellie, Jennifer – would y’all wear this type of look?”


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