Casual Croc

Casual Croc

Croc Bag

This is a pretty bold bag.  It’s beautiful and certainly “pops” in an outfit.  When choosing such a bold piece, try and keep the rest of the outfit toned down.  Here, the bag (and the Splendid tee shirt) is shown with two casual outfits.

Where to Wear

These are pretty casual outfits.  In some less conservative offices, the look on the right would work.  The first look is very casual, so normally, not recommended at the office, unless you are working on a Saturday or your office environment is extremely casual – as is the case of my older daughter’s office.  Her office environment is very, very casual so either outfit above would be appropriate.

I may wear these looks to the movies, shopping, a casual dinner, breakfast out, brunch to a casual restaurant, hanging at home, coffee with a friend, etc.

Happy Tuesday y’all.  What do you think about bright colored bags?

PS I love those black flats – I may need to try those on.


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