Brocade Skirt

Brocade Skirt


Evidently, brocade is in for fall.  I love the look, but don’t like it on me.  I find that it to be too heavy and it makes me feel smaller than I am.  Since I’m petite, that isn’t usually a good thing.

This outfit is styled pretty casual.  You could wear it to work on casual Friday, or any day, if your office is always casual; you can wear it to shop, have brunch, dinner with friends, etc.  It’s a pretty versatile outfit.

When it gets really cold, add some tights, boots and a coat.

Thanks for stopping by!!  Y’all are terrific – and not just because you stopped by. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Brocade Skirt

    • Mimi,
      Your are so kind to leave that lovely comment and thank you for the words of encouragement to continue blogging my outfits. I needed that!!

      I will be honored to stop by your blog. Yes, I love that bag, too. It may have to go on my x-mas list. 🙂


      PS my best friend in high school was named Mimi, so I am quite fond of the people who share it – even without ever meeting them. Sounds silly, I know, but it is how I feel. 🙂

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