Work Week – Lace and Tomato

Work Week - Lace and Tomato


According to my new Nordstrom’s catalog, tomato is a hot color for Fall, 2015.  In fact all hues from the seventies are “hot” for fall.  I’m glad, actually, because I love all of the seventies colors – I just don’t care to wear all of them together in one outfit.  That style is a bit too bold for my taste – however, when worn by the right individual, it looks chic and confident.

What do y’all think of the seventies colors?

Lace at Work

Lace is so feminine and classy.  I love lace and try to find ways to wear it to the office.  In this outfit, the tomato blazer takes some of the focus away from the lace skirt and makes the entire outfit appear conservative and work appropriate.  Of course, if you work in a less formal office, wear lace any way you like.

Where to Wear

Obviously, this is a great outfit for work.  It can also be worn to church, brunch, dinner, the theater, symphony, and any number of occasions.  The pencil skirt, blazer and pumps formula works pretty well in most social settings, don’t you think?

Thanks for stopping by darlings!!


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