Work Week – Classy

Work Week - Year End Close

Put-Together and Prepared

When putting together a work outfit, (or any outfit, really) think about your day, first.  Will you be sitting in your office all day working on budgets (yes, that’s what my day will look like), will you be out and about observing, with whom will you meet, will it be hot, cold, etc.  Then, plan your outfit to fit your day.

I wear heels to work everyday – except the occasional casual Friday.  I just like the way they look with my outfits and I am able to walk in them all day.  I do keep a pair of flats in my office for those times when I am in a lab and heels are not appropriate or safe.

Is your office freezing cold, like mine?  Because of this, I have a gray Michael Kors sweater that I keep in my office all the time.  Usually, I wear a cardigan or blazer with my outfits, but on those days when I don’t, I know I have my sweater.

Putting a bit of thought and planning into your day, should help, at least logistically, to make things go smoother and less stressful.

Happy Wednesday, y’all!!  Find fun in your job today.  Even if you are working on budgets – come on, budgets can be fun…


Patchwork Jeans – Tricky Trend?

Patchwork Jeans

Patchwork Denim

Is this really a tricky trend?  Don’t we just style it like we would any other denim?  I don’t know – I’m a bit confused.

Where to Wear

Wear this look anywhere where you want to be comfortable, but not sloppy – we don’t like sloppy, do we?  Maybe the movies, a casual dinner, shopping, running errands on the week ends.  You may want to tone down the earings, though.  I loved the ones shown and had to throw them in this outfit.  Sometimes, you just have to do that.

Have a wonderful day, today!!

Teacher Looks – First Day of School

Teacher Looks - First Day of School

Teacher Looks

My daughter Ellie is going to be a teacher when she graduates from college.  The teacher sets are for her to get ideas on what to wear.  The clothes will be on the affordable side, with some more expensive bags, shoes and jewelry.

Don’t y’all think that teachers should look put together and presentable?  I do.  So let’s help them out by offering suggestions.

Suggestion one, wear cute dresses.  The dress above is cute, affordable and pretty flattering on most body types.  The tote is in lieu of a bag, since teachers are usually hauling home papers to grade.  The shoes are low-heeled considering how much walking and standing most teachers do during the day.

These are going to be fun sets to create.  Happy Tuesday, y’all.  Hope its great.

Over the Knee Boots

Over the Knee Boots, Two

Over the Knee Boots

What do y’all think of over the knee boots?  The color of the ones above are amazing – so sophisticated and elegant.

Where to Wear

Wear this in a creative office environment, to dinner, walking the streets of New York or Chicago, to a dinner party, maybe even Christmas eve dinner.  I love all of the pieces in this outfit!!

Here is another outfit idea with over the knee boots.  Have a wonderful week-end, y’all!!

Over the Knee Boots

Full Skirt

Full Skirt

The Full Skirt

The full skirt makes me want to be taller.  Can us petite women wear full skirts?  Probably, but every time I put on a skirt like the one shown above, I feel “huge.”  Not exactly the desired feeling we seek in our outfits.

The look above is beautiful, though.  I love how the stripes of the skirt turn to flowers.  With a full skirt, you probably want to wear a shorter top or tuck in a longer one.  The idea is to define your waist.  Adding a belt may be fun, too.

Where to Wear

I was somewhat stumped in deciding where to wear this outfit.  One the one hand, I was thinking you could wear this just about anywhere, and on the other hand, I thought, could you wear this anywhere?  Dilemma – really not an ideal way in which to start your day, I wouldn’t recommend it.  Maybe y’all could make this decision for me – I will be working on budgets at work today, so I need all this “decision-making energy” to go towards that.  Sorry to leave this on you, but I do appreciate the help. 🙂

Aren’t those earings and bag a terrific color?  I love the watch, too.

Happy Thursday, after making the tough decision about where to wear this outfit, I hope the rest of your day is as decision-free as possible.  Have a great one!!

A Knit Cape for Fall

A Knit Cape for Fall


What do y’all think about capes for fall and maybe winter?  Are they warm enough?  I’m not a huge fan of them on me, but I love how they look on everyone else.

Where to Wear

This is a fun, rather youthful outfit…wear it to most casual events. Again, if you have a casual office, wear it to work as well.

When the weather gets colder, add some tights and knee, or over the knee high boots.

Happy Wednesday, thanks for stopping by!!